Late submissions for Goal and Miss (guess who) of the Year

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Somebody tell Santa Claus we’ve got a couple last-minute additions to his naughty and nice lists.

FC Groningen striker Michael de Leeuw may not be a household name, but he should fall in the good graces of Santa (assuming he’s a fan of the football) after scoring a ridiculous goal against NEC.

De Leeuw was making a run into the box when he suddenly had to readjust his body in order to reach a cross. De Leeuw spun in the air like a performer in The Nutcracker, and simultaneously back-heeled the ball into the net. This is just stupid:

de Leeuw2 by goalsandmore

Meanwhile, over in Italy, Roma cruised to a 4-0 win over Catania, but the can’t-miss (no pun intended) highlight of the game came courtesy of Gervinho, who may have produced the worst miss of his career. And ya’ll know that’s saying something.

See for yourself:

Gervinho did get on the score sheet earlier, and has enjoyed a much better form in Italy than he ever showed at Arsenal. But still, that miss has to land you on the naughty list, right?

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Fail! 3-on-0 breakaway ends in astonishing miss

Note: Start at the 2:56 mark

The Coupe de France is open to all amateur and professional football clubs in the country (even overseas territories) so you can imagine that the competition’s first few rounds can get a little sloppy. Professional clubs don’t even enter until the seventh round, at which point there are still 176 teams in the running (not including Ligue 1 sides, who enter later).

AS Nancy, though, are a second-division side and should probably not be looking this incompetent. Taking on third-division side RC Strasbourg, Nancy found themselves on a 3-on-0 breakaway (that’s right, zero defenders), and still managed to make a mess of it. With just the keeper to beat after Strasbourg’s entire back line decided to take the play off, one Nancy player calmly laid it off to No. 14 at the top of the box. But with the open goal at his mercy, he inexplicably skied it!

Luckily for these ‘negative Nancys,’ the team still hung on for a 2-1 win.


Incredible miss! Unknown player shanks empty-netter from a few yards out

Doesn’t matter if you’re playing in the World Cup, the semi-pro leagues in England, or in a little town called Zivinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you manage to miss an empty net from three yards out, the internet will find it, publish it — occasionally accompanied by pulsating theme music from ’70s cop dramas — and exploit your impotence forever and always.

Well, until the next fail comes along.

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Flamengo midfielder Elias misses goal from one yard out

I want to take a moment to thank you, soccer, for your never-ending supply of blunders. It truly is a privilege to sift through each new batch of fresh goal-scoring fails, the kind that bring us to tears, every single week.

But alas, botched sitters in soccer are a dime a dozen. The truly great ones, the best misses of them all, those are the ones we live for here on the blog. The fails that simply defy science, that make you question just how, how on God’s green earth, some of these players can consider themselves professionals. Fails like Flamengo captain Elias’s, come to mind.

Watch and relish in the Brazilian’s agony as he fails to deliver the ball into the wide-open goalmouth from just one yard out — ONE yard! — instead somehow sending it into Row 5. Truly a woeful, shambolic effort that deserves entry into our Hall of Shame.

So welcome to the club, Elias, the We Defy Physics With Our Ineptitude Club.


Mario Balotelli misses first penalty of career in loss to Napoli


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It’s been a crazy weekend to say the least, folks. First, John Obi Mikel  actually scored a goal, then Barcelona lost the possession battle in a competitive match for the first time in 5 years (or an astonishing run of 317 games), and now Mario Balotelli has missed a penalty!

The only thing missing is Howard Webb being in charge of a match that Manchester United lose. Oh wait, that happened too!

Balotelli stepped up to the spot with Milan down 2-0 to Napoli in the 61st minute, but Pepe Reina denied him, waiting until Balotelli struck the ball to make his move.  Balotelli did get on the score sheet to make it 2-1 in stoppage time, but the penalty miss proved to be decisive as Napoli continued its perfect start to the season at the expense of the Rossoneri.

Before Sunday, Super Mario was a perfect 26 for 26 from the penalty spot in his career for both club and country:

Video by footballdaily1


Incredible miss on empty net!

Missing sitters once in a while is an unfortunate part of the game for strikers, but you know you’ve really messed up when you immediately feel the need to apologize to the crowd!

Ali Sami Yachir of Algerian club MC Alger is the one responsible for this epic miss, which concurrently saved the blemishes of his opposing keeper, who put up a valiant effort of his own for fail of the week.

Yachir looked sure to profit of the keeper’s blatant slip on the ball, but inexplicably put the ball wide of the empty net from eight yards out. Subject to massive jeering and heckling from the crowd — and to the unfiltered amusement of the TV commentator — Yachir then alternated between looking helplessly to the ground and apologizing to everyone who witnessed his extraordinary ineptitude.

You can’t help but a feel some sympathy for him, but the good news for Yachir is that MC Alger still won the match, 2-1.


Karma comes back to bite player

In a Sunday League game somewhere (really, what does it matter) this hilarious clip teaches us an age-old lesson: you get what you give, and karma is a… well, you know.

After botching a sitter in front of the net, this anonymous team’s No. 9 forward immediately gets drilled in the head by an even more awful attempt on goal from his teammate (wearing No. 14). Hopefully, this should teach that No. 9 to be a little more on target next time. Actually, maybe this will encourage the entire team to take extra reps in shooting practice before their next match.

If only someone did this to Gervinho…