Germany fans told stay at stadium to avoid riots

Soccer can leave emotions running understandably high. Reports of riots in Brazil are likely wide of the mark, but the 7-1 World Cup semifinal thrashing at the hands of Germany has left the country shell-shocked.

As a result, German fans were asked to remain seated following the mauling, for fear of clashes with emotionally-charged Brazil fans.

 A photo from a reporter on the scene, depicting guards on stand-by in case of fan problems within the area.

It appears that the only things broken and hurt during the evening were Brazil’s hearts, but the possibility of fan unrest remained a very real and a very dangerous one.

Five Germany goals within 18 minutes of the first-half left Estadio Mineirao completely silenced, as Germany made safe passage into the World Cup final with an extra two goals in the next 45 minutes.

They will face the winner of the Argentina vs. the Netherlands semifinal later on today, with the final showpiece on Sunday. Meanwhile, the nation of Brazil remains stunned after a quite thrilling semifinal.

(H/T: NESN - Image from Instagram)


Lazio striker Miroslav Klose endeared himself to his Napoli opponents, and likely the rest of Italy, with his act of sportsmanship on Wednesday.

Barely three minutes into the Serie A clash, Klose touched a corner past Napoli keeper Morgan De Sanctis to give Lazio an early lead. Napoli players were furious, and justifiably so after replays showed what the referee missed: a clear handball from the German striker.

Klose initially celebrated before coming clean to the referee, who spared the forward a yellow card and shook his hand. Napoli were equally grateful and congratulating their opponent as warmly as the Lazio players were moments earlier.

Klose and Lazio’s reward? A crushing 3-0 defeat.