Mario Balotelli cries in rare moment of humility

Mario Balotelli was caught wiping away the tears and burying his head in his jacket after being subbed off during AC Milan’s loss to Napoli on Saturday. A few highlights lowlights of his performance in the video above help explain why he was so upset.

After the match, Milan coach Clarence Seedorf was asked about Balotelli’s tears, which according to Football Italia were not caused by racist chants.

“What can I say about Balotelli’s tears? They were the tears of a sportsman,” Seedorf said. “Mario is human. These are things that happen many times in football and sport in general. I’d say it was actually beautiful, but I’d prefer to talk about the game.”

Football is such a passionate sport. Whether it’s unbridled joy or rampant anguish, most players and coaches wear their hearts on their sleeves. Fans love to see this raw emotion; it makes us believe that they care just as much as we do.

It’s touching to know that even a guy who loves to flex his bare-chested muscles sheds a tear once in a while.



AC Milan players are pretty bad at dodgeball


It’s not uncommon for professional sports teams to go outside the box and use alternative ways to train. We can only guess that when AC Milan added the playground game of dodgeball to their training session as to lighten the mood and build some teamwork.

Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge!

From the looks of it, Milan players could use more tips. To quote the great dodgeball legend, Patches O’Houlihan, Milan are “as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop.”


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Balotelli is at it again, trolls teammates in practice

It wasn’t too long ago when Mario Balotelli was pouting on Manchester City’s bench and causing trouble on and off the pitch — remember the practice dust-up between him and former Man City manager Roberto Mancini? Though Balotelli was generally regarded as the team’s official prankster,  once his standing within the team soured, so did his mood. By the time he left City, nobody was laughing at his shenanigans anymore.

But now that he is back in his beloved Italy, Balotelli has transformed from clubhouse cancer back to class clown. We’ve already seen him do this:


And this:

And this week, Balotelli was up to some more tricks, this time nutmegging Cristian Zapata and M’Baye Niang without them even realizing it:

Another successful stunt on the board! We can only guess who Super Mario’s next victims will be, but we do know this: when Balotelli’s happy, we’re happy.


Mario Balotelli the latest soccer star trying out American sports

The International Champions Cup has not only been a great opportunity for American fans to enjoy their favorite European stars in action, but also a chance for those players to try their hands at American sports.

We’ve already seen Andrea Pirlo and Leonardo Bonucci fool around on the football field, and who could forget this classic:

Out of the bunch, Balotelli seems the closest to having his talents translate to other sports, as these thunderous jams above prove. Maybe Super Mario and Steve Nash, who’s proven he can keep up on the soccer pitch, can coordinate a brief player swap next season?


Kobe Continues his Off-Season Tour, Visits AC Milan


Photos via @ACMilan

The last time we checked in with Kobe Bryant, he was busy acting like an average tourist, posing for photos with practically everyone at the Confederations Cup. This time around, well, it’s much of the same actually:


Still recovering from his torn achilles that ended his NBA season in April, Bryant has elected to spend a portion of his off-season rehabbing at AC Milan’s Milanello training center.

Sporting a customized Milan jersey with his name and number, Bryant spoke to AC Milan about his love for the team and his favorite Milan players. The interview might be in Italian, but we can definitely make out references to Frank Rijkaard and Marco van Basten, as well as the fact that Bryant has a Milan scarf hanging in his den in Los Angeles.

No matter the television commercials or sneaker sponsorships, it seems that Kobe is a soccer fan just like the rest of us.