Sporting KC fans repay Matt Besler in a big way


Image by USA Today Sports.

Less than a week after winning MLS Cup, Sporting KC’s Matt Besler was given the gift of a lifetime — well MANY gifts.

While there are plenty of perks that come with winning your league’s championship, nothing compares to what Besler received from the SKC fans.

Besler and his fiancée Amanda will be married this weekend. In a final gesture of support in 2013, the SKC faithful they bought out their ENTIRE wedding registry.

And should a baby shower ever be in their future, SKC fans will surely jump at the chance to buy some Sporting KC onesies for their bundle of joy.


Joel Campbell reportedly being investigated by FIFA for fake injury

By now, most USA fans have seen the above video of Costa Rica’s Joel Campbell faking an injury that resulted in a yellow card for Matt Besler — which meant he was suspended for the United States' World Cup qualifier against Mexico on Tuesday.

While the United States did defeat Mexico — dos a cero, of course — and the suspension didn’t come back to bite them, Campbell’s acting might.

According to Al Dia, FIFA issued a statement to the Costa Rican Football Federation that announced they had opened an investigation into Campbell’s fake foul.

Apparently that’s not the only thing that FIFA is looking into. On the Encuentro Deportivo radio show earlier this week, Fedefutbol president Eduardo Li said that FIFA is investigating the federation for the actions of their fans.


(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Before their World Cup qualifier against the USA, Costa Rican fans reportedly drowned out the United States national anthem with “loud jeers and catcalls,” which is a violation of FIFA’s Preliminary Competition laws.

On the radio show, Li said, “We will pay the fine, yes. But they ought to sanction the rest of the countries that have committed the same mistake.”

Costa Rica may have already qualified for the 2014 World Cup, but they are facing some repercussions ahead of it. Still, there’s no word if FIFA will look into Costa Rica’s trolling cow mascot that interrupted USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann during an interview last week:


This is why Matt Besler will miss Tuesday’s WCQ vs Mexico

Three members of the US Men’s National Team earned themselves a suspension on yellow card accumulation Friday night against Costa Rica. Jozy Altidore, Geoff Cameron and Matt Besler are all ineligible for tomorrow’s clash against Mexico, but no suspension has caused as much of a stir as that of Besler’s.

The defender received his yellow card for bumping into Ticos forward Joel Campbell late in the match and away from the action. The act was not caught by TV cameras, nor was it even seen by the match referee, but today video of the “foul” emerged, and it tells quite a different story. It appears that Campbell blatantly dove to the ground after brushing up against Besler, who was simply walking around minding his own business.

Understandably, Besler was irked by what he saw:

Campbell might want to keep a close eye on his mailbox the next few weeks. He should be receiving his “Best Actor” nomination from the Academy real soon.


Five things to watch for during USA vs. Mexico



In falling to Costa Rica for the seventh consecutive time on the Ticos’ home ground, the Americans added yet more gravitas to the already-loaded build-up for their World Cup qualifier against Mexico here on Tuesday. So, having allowed some time and space for hindsight, here are the relevant lessons drawn from the 3-1 loss as they relate to yet another crucial bout:

1. Michael Bradley is indispensable

Folding over his ankle in the final movements of the warm-up and ruling the central midfielder out of the game plainly unsettled the team. He is their emotional leader, after all, the man leading by his combative example and, from the looks of it, verbally too. But when he fell away, they lost more than that. What Bradley brings to the table, nobody else can replicate. Shuttling between boxes, he sets the pace, tone and rhythm of the run of play. He covers much ground defensively, distributes from deep and gets counterattacks started. Geoff Cameron, the late replacement for Bradley, tried to fill that role but he hasn’t the range and simply isn’t as tidy with the ball. Bradley’s absence against Mexico will have to be compensated for; his many roles filled by a combination of others.

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