Mario Balotelli involves girlfriend in bold claim about Real Madrid


Mario Balotelli might have some explaining to do the next time he sees his Belgian model girlfriend Fanny Neguesha. And hopefully she’s in the mood for a good joke.

The AC Milan star recently joked to Spanish newspaper Marca that he’ll let Real Madrid players get intimate with his better half if they reach the Champions League final:

“If Real Madrid come back against Borussia Dortmund and make it to the Final of the Champions League, then I will let my girlfriend sleep with all the players.”

While a comeback seems unlikely - Dortmund thrashed the Spanish giants 4-1 in their Champions League semifinal first leg match last week, leaving the Germans closer to a date at Wembley next month - it’s an outrageous comment even for Super Mario.

UPDATE: Milan denied that Balotelli said this, in a statement saying, “Milan would like to make it clear that the player never made any comments regarding the match.”


Spanish newspaper calls Wayne Rooney a “hooligan” and “freckled demon”


Just when everyone thinks you couldn’t hype up tomorrow’s Real Madrid - Manchester United clash anymore, leave it to the Spanish media to throw some more logs onto the fire.

The notorious Madrid-based newspaper Marca decided to pick on United and specifically Wayne Rooney a day before the match, branding him a “hooligan” and “freckled demon.” The headline reads: “The Bad Boy-and 5000 of his friends,” referring to the number of United fans expected to wreck havoc in the Spanish capital tomorrow.

If Rooney was for any reason perturbed by this (and why would he?) Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho had some consoling words:

"I didn’t read it," said Mourinho. "I don’t know if it was written in that context, calling him a hooligan, or completely different. But if I can say one thing on behalf of Rooney, I was called worse than that, week by week."