Lionel Messi opts for pizza, Pique a fan of Nutella sandwiches after games


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It could be suggested that our obsession with soccer players borders on the absurd. For instance, take the quasi-firestorm that was drummed up after a reporter from Spanish newspaper Libertad Digital leaked a photo of Barcelona’s post-game meal selections.

Seems a bit bizarre to snap a photo of what players eat after a game, but look! Look at what these guys chow down on!


(Image: Libertad Digital)

Lionel Messi has his eyes on a pizza (which is the biggest hit), although La Pulga opts for plain cheese. A few players (like Mr. Shakira, Gerard Pique) selected Nutella, a chocolate and hazelnut spread, to make a tasty sandwich.

Perhaps the most surprising reveal? Take a guess at who has the biggest appetite. If you guessed Luis Suarez, you’re wrong.

None other than diminutive midfield maestro Andres Iniesta, with an order of a ham and cheese pizza alongside a chorizo sausage and cheese sandwich, seems to have the biggest stomach.

Perhaps it seems like a lot, but consider how much running around these guys do, they can eat whatever they want.

Now, who said a picture of a menu would be boring?

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Luis Suarez trains with Barcelona for first time


Luis Suarez trained with his new Barcelona teammates for the first time following the CAS ruling on the Uruguayan’s appeal. While Suarez still has to serve his four-month ban from football, the CAS ruled he is allowed to practice and feature in friendlies.

Check out some of the best pictures of Suarez’s first day with Barca:




When will we see Suarez back on the field for an actual competitive match? As luck would have it, that could come on the weekend of October 25-26, against none other than Real Madrid. Tasty!

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Luis Suarez forgets keys and is locked out of home in Spain

Since biting Giorgio Chiellini, Luis Suarez has been on a bit of a roller coaster. He had his appeal rejected, but then secured a move to Barcelona. However, because of his ban, he cannot be unveiled with his new club.

So Suarez is stuck in limbo while waiting in Spain for his eventual unveiling and introduction to the press. While he waits, he’s staying with his in-laws in Castelldefels outside of Barcelona.

Well, today we’ve learned that even a person as successful and wealthy and talented as Luis Suarez forgets his keys sometimes. Whoops:

The eager fans outside the house didn’t mind, of course, and Suarez obliged many of them with autographs and pictures. But man, the guy just can’t seem to catch a break these days. 

It sure seems like biting gives you bad karma. Who knew?

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Soccer fan gets horrific mash-up tattoo of Luis Suarez as Hannibal Lecter


It’s been hard not to laugh at some of the details of Luis Suarez’s latest Bite-Gate saga, not least his claims that he didn’t deliberately bite Giorgio Chiellini.

Now, one crazy fan decided to take the mocking of Suarez to another level. The fan posted an image of his new tattoo - a mash-up of Uruguayan striker Suarez and the cannibal Hannibal Lecter - on Twitter. This impressed absolutely nobody.

We can only assume a heavy night of drinking was involved in his decision making, otherwise this would be inexcusable. How bizarre!

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World Cup Day 16: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Round of 16 opened play on Saturday, and what a thrilling start to the knockout stage it proved to be.

First, the entire host nation was on pins and needles as Brazil squeaked by a dangerous Chile side on penalties:

Two hours later, a new King James was crowned as Colombia’s James (Ha-Mes) Rodriguez lifted his side to its first-ever World Cup quarterfinal appearance:

What else made waves on social media as we embarked on the business end of the World Cup? Find out in our latest edition of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:”



Brazil surviving on penalties assured us that the World Cup would indeed be able to continue on past the Round of 16, which is good (Seriously, could you imagine if the Selecao crashed out this early? Mayhem).

Even better, Julio Cesar emerged as the unlikely hero. Yes, the Julio Cesar of Toronto FC, who was discarded by Queens Park Rangers. Oh, the beauty of the World Cup!

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Adidas removes ironic Luis Suarez billboard from Copacabana


Hours before the United States took on Germany in their final group stage match, Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was handed his four-month ban from soccer for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

It stole some of the game’s thunder, especially at Copacabana beach. That’s because an unfortunate Adidas ad depicting an open-mouthed, hungry looking Suarez quickly turned into a tourist attraction. 

Umm, what is this guy doing?


After who knows how many fans and former players continued taking silly pictures such as those above, Adidas pulled the ad in favor of one of Brazil’s Dani Alves.

Though it’s doubtful any other ad had ever given the company this much publicity, the move shouldn’t surprise anyone given the circumstances. Regarding their client’s latest biting scandal and the ban, Adidas said in a statement:

Adidas fully supports FIFA’s decision.
Adidas certainly does not condone Luis Suarez’s recent behaviour and we will again be reminding him of the high standards we expect from our players.
We have no plan to use Suarez for any additional marketing activities during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
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Will Ferrell pumps up USA fans in recife, vows to bite every German player

Anchorman star Will Ferrell surprised loyal USA fans at a packed bar in Recife before their final group game against Germany. 

Introduced by US Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati, Ferrell burst onto the stage to chants of ‘USA! USA!’ and declared to ‘bite every German player’ (Luis Suarez style) if it was a tight contest.


Luis Suarez as Pac-Man - the video game

Someone didn’t waste any time creating a Luis Suarez version of Pac-Man, and it’s just as entertaining as you’d expect.

Steer Suarez around as he munches on his latest victim, Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s.


But watch out for those red card wielding referees. Sunglasses will help you out in a pinch.


You can play the game, the wonderfully titled Biteman, here.

(h/t BuzzFeed and FTW for finding this gem)

(Images: Bitemangame.com)


World Cup Day 13: The Good, The Bad, and The (very) Ugly


Hungry for another World Cup recap? Chew on this:

Suarez’s third career bite for club and country was obviously THE viral story of the day, so we’re going to start with “the ugly” and save the best good for last. Bon appetit! 



Suarez is making a habit of snacking on his opponents (is human flesh really that tasty? Is the joke on us?). The Liverpool star was suspended ten Premier League games for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic last season, and 7 games by the Dutch league for munching on PSV’s Ottman Bakkal in 2010 while at Ajax. 

On Tuesday, Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini became Vampire Suarez’s latest victim. Note the bite mark on Chiellini’s shoulder in the picture above. The referee did not see it, so no foul was called, but the rest of the world’s population did and responded accordingly:

When the incident first happened, we weren’t exactly sure if Suarez seriously did it again. Good thing we have video replay now:

Yup. He really did it. For a THIRD time. Which begs the following, excellent questions:

If only these vendors had told Suarez this before the game:

In Suarez’s defense…

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