Linesman trolled so hard by Portuguese fans

Being a linesman can be a lonely gig, but one assistant referee in Portugal was recently lucky enough to have his very own cheering section.

In a third-division match between Ermesinde and Perosinho last month, a small group of comedians fans made it their mission to troll one of the linesmen, following him up and down the touchline and celebrating his every move.

Though the match official seems to find it quite amusing, we’d wager he grew exponentially more embarrassed as the prank continued.

This hasn’t been the first such stunt; check out these crazy Cadiz CF fans:

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Peruvian manager chokes linesman after missed offside call

The top match in Peru’s first division this weekend was suspended in the 82nd minute after the home team manager decided a missed offside call was enough reason to go strangle a match official.

Melgar and Universitario were tied at 2 when the linesman judged a Melgar player’s run to be just offside, wasting a clear goal-scoring opportunity. The entire Melgar bench jumped up to confront the official, but team manager Franco Navarro took things a bit too far.

Pretending he is Kane (if you don’t know Kane, we feel sorry for you, now click the link), Navarro went straight for the referee’s throat before being wrested away by teammates. Riot police were actually called on to remove Navarro from the scene, and moments later the referee decided to call the game off.

Needless to say, Navarro now faces a hefty punishment from both the league and the authorities.

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Linesman assaults youth player after match

Following the conclusion of a Russian reserve league match between Amkar Perm and Terek, linesman Musa Kadyrov committed an unforgivable act. Right after the final whistle blows, the linesman drops his flag and begins to assault an 18-year-old Amkar defender. After punches and kicks were landed, his teammates swooped in for the rescue.

To add insult to injury, Terek players took the opportunity to create even more chaos.

The attacked defender told the Guardian:

"The ref blew the final whistle and I started walking to our bench, when suddenly someone came from behind, pushed me to the ground and began kicking and punching me," the 18-year-old Amkar player told reporters.

"Terek players then joined the attack. Someone grabbed me by the throat, another hit me … bloodying my face."

The Russian football association has, rightfully, acted quickly and pushed for a lifetime ban for the out of control linesman.


Manchester City's players were advised by a match official to thank fans for spending 62 pounds ($100) to watch their Premier League win at Arsenal — better yet, it was caught on camera! Check out the full story here.

It is now being reported in England that the linesman in question, John Brooks, has now been removed from duty for his FA Cup assignment Tuesday as punishment by referees’ officials.