Lewis Holtby pays tribute to Jurgen Klinsmann


Image via tottenhamhotspur.com

When Jurgen Klinsmann made his debut for Tottenham in 1994, the fans at Sheffield Wednesday gave him quite the unique welcome. The German had a reputation for diving, and fans in the stands mocked him for it, holding up signs that said “5.8” or “5.9.”

But Klinsmann had something up his sleeve. When he scored in the Spurs’ 4-3 win, he celebrated in self-deprecating fashion with a dive worthy of a perfect 10. Skip ahead to the 1:55 mark to see it.

On Thursday, fellow German Lewis Holtby scored a beauty of a goal for Tottenham in the Europa League — his first for the club — he paid tribute to Spurs legend Klinsmann.


Holtby replicated Klinsmann’s signature dive celebration with just as much style as the original.

"I’ve seen it loads of times. He’s been a legend here. To do that here was great. The fans totally understand it, and I just wanted to pay tribute to that, being a fellow German," Lewis told Spurs TV after the match. “I was thankful to get that moment because I’ve been waiting for that goal a long time.”

Whatever Lewis does to celebrate his next goal, it’s pretty likely it won’t top this.