Sydney Leroux’s best moments on social media

The Women’s World Cup is fast approaching, and USA star Sydney Leroux is gearing up for the biggest tournament of her career.

And, as we’ve come to expect with Leroux, we’re sure she’ll document the journey. But if you’re like us and can’t wait to see what her the next adventure she posts about, here’s a look at some of her finest moments online.

And, make sure you check out how she got where she is now, and how an unexpected mentor — Kobe Bryant — is helping guide her on her path to greatness.


Golazo! Nike strikes gold with “Winner Stays” commercial

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of actually being one of our sports idols? We’re not sure where the practice of saying an icon’s name when playing pick-up came about, but we’ve all done it.

Nike Football found a way to cash in on this schoolyard quirk, and the result is gold. Watch “Winner Stays” for yourself to see and review our favorite highlights from Nike’s ‘Risk Everything’ football campaign:

  • The kid calling out “Neymar” for pulling a totally non-Neymar move and shying away from a one-on-one
  • Double the “David Luiz”
  • A possible World Cup preview with “Pique” tackling “Neymar,” his Barcelona teammate!
  • "Zlatan" insisting "Zlatan" take a free-kick
  • Cameos from Kobe Bryant, Anderson Silva, and Jon “Bones” Jones
  • "Iniesto!"
  • And of course, Ronaldo having the support of the one fan who matters most:


Irina Shayk! It’s good to be Ronaldo.

Image provided by Nike Soccer/Nike Football


Kobe Continues his Off-Season Tour, Visits AC Milan


Photos via @ACMilan

The last time we checked in with Kobe Bryant, he was busy acting like an average tourist, posing for photos with practically everyone at the Confederations Cup. This time around, well, it’s much of the same actually:


Still recovering from his torn achilles that ended his NBA season in April, Bryant has elected to spend a portion of his off-season rehabbing at AC Milan’s Milanello training center.

Sporting a customized Milan jersey with his name and number, Bryant spoke to AC Milan about his love for the team and his favorite Milan players. The interview might be in Italian, but we can definitely make out references to Frank Rijkaard and Marco van Basten, as well as the fact that Bryant has a Milan scarf hanging in his den in Los Angeles.

No matter the television commercials or sneaker sponsorships, it seems that Kobe is a soccer fan just like the rest of us.


Kobe’s photo spree at the Confederations Cup




Kobe Bryant has been everywhere at the Confederations Cup in Brazil, and he’s got the pictures to prove it. Whether it’s Ronaldinho or Neymar or Mario Balotelli, nobody was safe from the Black Mamba’s epic picture spree this weekend.

Images all via @KobeBryant, obviously.