Groom busts out aisle freestyle on wedding day

If your wedding day is supposed to give you the jitters — or even worse, cold feet — then Daniel Cutting is about as calm as Hindu cow.

Watch as this groom opts to make his march toward matrimony while juggling a soccer ball.

Consider all the factors stacked against him: He’s in a cramped church aisle; he has his family, friends, and the eyes of God all upon him; and oh, he’s about to pledge his life to another. And he absolutely nails it.

What a display! He even takes it up a notch by shaking hands with some of the attendees. Bonus points if he spotted his soon-to-be father-in-law.

With an entrance like this, it makes us wonder what he did for the proposal.

(h/t 101GreatGoals)


World’s best freestyler makes London his playground


Meet two-time defending World Freestyle champion Andrew Henderson. Andrew is good at juggling. Very, very, very good.

The 22-year old from England started doing freestyle tricks at the age of 15, and when it came time for Henderson to pick between university football and freestyle, he chose what he does best. Henderson now practices five hours per day, five days a week, and quite clearly all the hard work is paying off. 

Kick back, relax, and don’t let your jaw hit the ground:

Video by STRskillschool


Babies are balling out of control in “little big shots” commerical

Canon has released a new commercial promoting their new camera; the idea is that big talent can be stored in little things. To help get the idea across, they’ve rolled out a set of infants showcasing incredible soccer skills.

These babies may or may not have had some help from computer animation, but it’s still impressive seeing these little guys pull off some amazing tricks.

Rumor has it that Arsenal has already tried to sign each and every baby in this commercial.

Bold strategy, let’s see how it pays off for them.


Neymar unveiled at the Nou Camp, shows off juggling skills

Neymar has finally made the official move to Barcelona, signing a five-year contract with the La Liga powerhouse. On Monday, he was introduced at a press conference and also was brought out onto the pitch for the first time.

Tens of thousands of fans waited for over an hour just to get a glimpse of their new Brazilian striker, and how did the young striker respond? By juggling a ball, of course.

It’s as if the team wants fans to think that by proving that he can keep the ball up in the air for 45 seconds straight, they can rest assured that the rumored 30 million euro transfer fee was money well spent.

Juggling skills aside, Neymar couldn’t hold back his excitement:

"I am very happy, very moved to be a Barcelona player and fulfill my dream. I want to help the team. I have come to add my part so that Lionel Messi continues to be the best player in the world."

Time will tell how the two stars will co-exist, but one thing is for sure, excitement and optimism are running high in Barcelona.


Borussia Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze has a peculiar talent. He can juggle his chewing gum like a soccer ball.

We have to know: do you think this special skill is way cool, or a little bit gross?