HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ casts damning light on Chivas USA, MLS

By Kyle McCarthy, FOXSoccer.com

The report aired by HBO’s Real Sports on Tuesday night regarding the odious situation at Chivas USA offered precious little new information to anyone familiar with the recently filed lawsuit. It did, however, provide powerful imagery to accompany a chilling, one-sided narrative alleging rampant, institutionalized racial discrimination at the club.

A sympathetic young boy and his mother who felt forced out of the Chivas USA youth academy due to their race and a questionnaire designed to ascertain his lineage. A pair of former MLS players and Chivas USA academy coaches allegedly fired from their jobs despite satisfactory job performance because they did not embody the Mexican heritage of the club. And a former Mexican international – a decent man with absolutely no business handling these sorts of delicate matters – sacrificed on camera by his club to answer questions evasively and shepherded off-screen by his handlers when the interview inevitably reflected his untenable position.

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