Joe Hart takes a shot at (American) Football

If this whole world-class goalkeeper thing doesn’t work out for Manchester City keeper Joe Hart, he may have a future at wide receiver.

City is in the United States for their two friendly matches against Chelsea, as well as representing the club new MLS venture New York City FC.

Between their training and public appearances, the club stops by the New York Giants training facilities to visit and got a chance to catch some passes from Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning. Hart, England’s number one keeper in front of goals, shows off some pretty shaky route running, but reaffirms that he has very capable hands. James Milner also makes an appearance by catching a post route pass from Manning and then quickly sees his life flash before his eyes as a Giants player puts himself in position for a tackle.

Here’s a full length video of the visit. Heck, you can even hear some Giants players tell our football heroes, “I play with you all the time in FIFA.”


James Milner scored this screamer of a goal for Manchester City at the Emirates on Sunday, but do you know who was the last City player to score against Arsenal on their home field?

Answer: None other than USA international DaMarcus Beasley, all the way back on April 17th, 2007 — the lone City goal in the 3-1 loss to the Gunners.