Didier Drogba has to escort hugging pitch invader back to sideline

"Don’t let go! Don’t you ever let go!"

There are times when supporters take their love for a club or player a just little bit too far. Case in point: this heavily tattooed Chelsea fan — one of which is an image of Didier Drogba — who invaded the pitch during Galatasaray’s 3-0 victory against tiny Shrewsbury this weekend.

The fan “attacked” Drogba with a big bear hug and some kisses on the cheek, clearly with no intention of letting go of his favorite player. After a few seconds, Drogba tried to detach himself, but the man had other ideas — mainly, continuing to sweet-talk and cuddle up to his idol. We can only imagine what the fan was babbling in Drogba’s ear as the former Chelsea player actually had to escort him to the sideline himself.

Now that’s what we call a Stage-5 clinger!


(H/T and pic: 101GG)


Down and out? Cote d’Ivoire duo sent home for fighting


No-one condones fighting between players but there is something extra silly when those involved are from the same team - and the incident takes place during a training session. Manchester City’s Abdul Razak and Mersin midfielder Jean-Jacques Gosso got involved in an unseemly brawl in the build-up to the Elephants’ World Cup qualifier against Tanzania this weekend. Just look at the disgust on Yaya Toure’s face in the top-left hand corner!


Unfortunately for these two this is the end of their participation with the Cote D’Ivoire squad. Both men have been sent home in disgrace. Nice work guys. We have to say we wouldn’t have fancied Razak’s chances judging by Gosso’s arms.