Juventus enact rule forcing substituted players to remain on bench

Sometimes team spirit isn’t organic. Sometimes it needs to be manufactured.

Maybe a team watches a movie together to foster chemistry. Or maybe the coach comes up with a rule where substituted players must remain on the bench and watch the game with his teammates, or else face harsh punishment.

Say what? That’s exactly what Juventus coach Antonio Conte has done. Players that are taken off in-game will be required to watch the rest of the game from the bench, or else face a fine and a month-long ban.

Harsh, indeed! Conte, clearly upset after Pirlo opted to march down the tunnel after being subbed off against Verona, had this to say about the situation:

“Before it, there had never been the need to have a rule, but from now on there is a rule and it is valid for all players.” The only exception? Players that that are on a stretcher and have to see the doctor.

So much for catching and early shower and beating traffic.

(h/t Football-Italia)


It’s happened…Mario Balotelli bought himself a pet pig


Several weeks ago, AC Milan star Mario Balotelli claimed he wanted to buy himself a pet. Not a dog, nor a cat, not even a hamster. No, Balotelli told the world he wanted himself a pig.

Guess he wasn’t just blowing smoke:

Clever name choice, Mario. I see what you did there.

Only questions we have for you are:

Will “Super” be sporting a mohawk soon? And how is your fiancée going to feel having to fight for your attention with, well, a pig?


Actually, on second thought, if she keeps wearing things like that, I don’t think she’ll have a problem.


Balotelli Plays the Piano While Pirlo Looks On

Each time we think that Mario Balotelli can’t get any more impressive, he goes and does something unexpectedly amazing. Like, say, playing the Italian National Anthem, Il Canto degli Italiani, on the piano while Italian legend Andrea Pirlo looks on with a stare that must be causing a commotion amongst fan fiction writers.

Some eagle-eye viewers might point out that Balotelli’s sleeves seem to change positions as the camera rotates, but does it really matter?

Bravo, Mario! Bravo!