Sub runs onto pitch to block goal, kind of gets away with it

Entering the field of play when you’re not supposed to is generally frowned upon — even more so when you stop an almost-certain goal from being scored.

A player in Iran did just that, and it actually kind of worked out for him. He was sent off, but his team kept all 11 players on the pitch, and their opponents didn’t score the ensuing direct kick. Win-win.

But honestly, the biggest question we have after watching that is why the sub didn’t just save it with his hands. It’s not like he wasn’t going to be caught.

(H/T Guardian)


Incredible double save sends Iran to World Cup

Leading 1-0 over South Korea in a crucial World Cup Qualifier, Iran needed a victory to secure a place in the 2014 World Cup.

In comes Iranian goalkeeper Rahman Ahmadi.

Off of a free kick in the 75th minute, Ahmadi made an unbelievable double save that helped preserve the victory and clinch the top spot in Group A, igniting celebrations as the team booked their spot in the World Cup.


At a soccer match in Isfahan, Iran, fans were throwing trash and other objects on the pitch. A player picked up what he appeared to be a random piece of debris and tossed it off the field. No big deal, right? Very, very wrong.

As you can see in this unbelievable video, it was not just a piece of trash.

It was a grenade. A real, live grenade. Just seconds after the player nonchalantly threw it off the pitch, it exploded, sending the referees and players scrambling away.

A scary moment that could have ended far worse than it did. All involved are lucky no one was injured — especially the player who held the grenade!