Slap sends opponent to the hospital, culprit apologizes

Emotions often boil over in sports, and even more so in games against rivals. But that should never be an excuse to send one of your opponents to the hospital — especially if he is your teammate on the national team.

But that’s what occurred in Ecuador’s version of “el Clasico” between  Barcelona and Emelec. After Barca lost the match, goalkeeper Maximo Banguero slapped Emelec captain Pedro Quinonez in the face, causing his national team colleague to convulse and nearly lose consciousness, according to Emelec officials.

Banguero, who walked away from the crime scene as if nothing transpired, quickly tried to save face with an apology after hearing Quinonez needed to stay a night in the hospital.

"I want to apologise sincerely to Pedro Quinonez, his family, the supporters, everyone," Banguera told a news conference late on Monday. "I was a bad loser. I am aware if there is a sanction, I will have to face it."

Barcelona and Emelec both stem from the country’s biggest and most populous city, Guayaquil, and have been at odds with one another for as long as we remember. Sadly, the slap attack is just one of the milder incidents that have marred the derby over the years. In 2006, Barcelona fans caused a massive riot in Emerec’s stadium, leading to 40 injuries and nine arrests. Just a year later, an 11-year-old Emelec fan lost his life after being hit by a flare.


Keeper plays full match with 9mm bullet lodged in head


Talk about shots on goal.

During an amateur match in Bosnia, 51-year-old keeper Dusko Krtalica played an entire 90 minute match in goal after being hit in the head with a stray 9mm bullet.

While he complained of a headache during the match, it wasn’t until after the 90 minutes that he began to feel numbness across his body and he was taken to a hospital for examination. A bullet was found lodged in his temple - it was removed safely and the keeper was in stable condition.

After a police investigation, it was found out that someone at a nearby wedding fired off a few rounds in celebration. Astonishingly, one of the bullets found it’s way into Krtalica’s skull.

Next time someone questions soccer players’ toughness, feel free to point them to this story.

(Image Avaz.ba, H/T 101GG)


16 fans hospitalized after eating space cake in corporate box


In a seemingly ordinary Dutch Eredivisie match, home side ADO Den Haag picked up a 2-0 victory over Feyenoord. The real noteworthy event though, was happening upstairs.

Sixteen fans fell ill during the match, including the owner of the box, and passed out in the stands. Ambulances were called to the stadium and tests revealed that the fans had eaten space cake.

A club spokesman told the press they have no clue how these space cakes made it into the corporate box. An investigation is currently underway to find out how the marijuana got into the fans’ systems.

Image via 101GG