Alan Pardew probably won’t be on the sideline any time soon

Newcastle’s impressive 4-1 win over Hull should have been what everyone was talking about after the final whistle on Saturday, but manager Alan Pardew stole the spotlight.

There aren’t many things a manager could do on the sideline that are worse than head butting a player from the opposing team.

Pardew was quick to apologize, saying he was just trying to "push him away with my head." So, were his hands not working?

We have a feeling that we won’t be seeing the Magpies boss on the touchline any time soon.

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Qatar removes Zidane headbutt statue to prevent idol worshipping


Image courtesy of Deadspin

The famous statue which immortalized Zinedine Zidane’s fateful headbutt on Marco Matterazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final has been removed from public view in Doha, Qatar just a month after it went on display.

The reason? Idolatry, of course.

The 16-foot bronze monument that was sculpted by Algerian-born French artist Adel Abdessemed appears to have offended many conservatives in the Muslim emirate, who saw it as a flagrant violation of religious tenets.

According to a report by the AFP, Islamic law prohibits owning statues of human beings and animals to avoid the possibility of idolatry (idol worshiping). While some Muslim countries do display statues in public, most conservative Gulf nations, like Qatar, do not. The subtext of that AFP story indicates that had the statue not been removed, it would likely have been attacked (presumably by way of head-butting).


Image courtesy of Reuters

Recently purchased by the Qatar Museum Authority, Zidane’s head-butt statue will now have a new home, albeit indoors: Doha’s Arab Museum of Modern Art. For those seeking to relive “Zizou’s” magical moment, watch below:

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The Zinedane Zidane statue has a strange new home


The unforgettable and absolutely massive statue that immortalizes Zidane’s infamous headbutt to Marco Materazzi has a new home: Qatar.

According to Doha News, the statue was bought by the Qatar Museums Authority for an undisclosed sum and will be a permanently installed on the Corniche near Al Mourjan restaurant.

Jean Paul Engelen, QMA’s director of Public Art, told Doha News that he expects the sculpture to be popular in Qatar:

"Yes, we expect a lot of people to want to take photos with it, and of it.

It’s an impressive piece. It’s a huge sculpture, and it’s done in the same style as Greek Mythological statues, but this glorifies human defects instead. It shows that although we sometimes treat footballers like gods, they’re not - they’re just human beings.”

The statue itself was always a bit of an odd tribute to a moment we’re sure Zidane himself would rather forget. If the it remains in Qatar through 2022, we wonder if the legend himself will come face to face with his history.

A scary scene took place on Monday night reminding us all of the true dangers surrounding aerial clashes.

During the second half of Galatasaray’s 4-2 win over Orduspor, the match was interrupted by a head injury to Orduspor’s David Barral. Barral was left concussed after clashing heads with ex-Chelsea star Didier Drogba when the players challenged for a ball during a corner kick.

Medical personnel rushed the field and carted the Spanish player to a near hospital. In a touching and classy gesture, Drogba paid Barral a hospital visit, even though the Champions League hero was feeling the effects of the head clash himself:


Heads, you lose.


Marouane Fellaini seemed to lose his cool during Everton’s 1-1 draw with Stoke City on Saturday. He was caught apparently head-butting Stoke captain Ryan Shawcross.

The referee didn’t see his foul move, but the cameras did. Even his own boss condoned his actions.

Everton manager David Moyes said, ”I’ve seen it, it’s a terrible thing to do and I expect him to be punished. I’ve told him it’s not acceptable and whatever he gets, he and us deserve it.”

Fellaini was quick to apologize after the match, but he’ll likely get a lengthy suspension once the video is reviewed.

Everton’s Marouane Fellaini headbutts Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross, which goes unseen by the referee.

The Belgium midfielder will find himself in hot water once the FA disciplinary chiefs review the incident on Monday.