Harry Redknapp admits to strange addiction

imageYes, it’s Photoshopped (Image:Julie Ahn, FOXSports.com)

Out of all the behavioral addictions known to man, we may have found the strangest of them all, and it only seems appropriate that it belongs to one of the strangest men in football — QPR manager Harry Redknapp.

Redknapp, you see, is addicted to bird-feeding.

According to The Daily Mail, Redknapp spends around £2,000 (north of $3,300) a year on feeding the birds that frequent his home’s garden. Aside from the financial commitment he makes to his winged friends, Redknapp also sacrifices quite a bit of sleep.

The QPR boss says he is often up at 5 a.m. to feed the birds before embarking on his 2-hour commute from his home in Dorset to QPR’s training complex outside of London:

"I’m a compulsive bird feeder. You’ll see me out in the dead of winter at 5am, filling up our feeders and tables."

"We have about 30 and I can easily spend 80 quid on bird food a fortnight in the pet shop. I won’t leave for work until I’ve fed them - I hate to think of them going hungry. Bit mad, innit?"

He’s a weird bird, that ‘Arry. Perhaps he was one in a former life?


Harry Redknapp gets hit in head with ball, QPR promptly concedes equalizer

Poor Harry. He just can’t stay out of the way from comical incidents at his expense.

On Saturday, with his QPR side up 2-1 at Millwall, a fan tried to throw a ball back onto the pitch, but hit Redknapp in the head instead. As you can see, Harry was none too pleased about this stunt, and began cursing out the fan.

Those sly Millwall hooligans, always up to some mischief! They must’ve known how much I hate getting hit by balls

Compounding Harry’s headache, QPR promptly conceded the slim lead just seconds later (while Redknapp was still giving it to the fan), and in stoppage time no less.

He shouldn’t stay too mad for too long, considering QPR are still unbeaten in Championship play. Let’s just hope the knock to the head doesn’t stop Harry from churning out his next autobiography.

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We’re taking it back, way back to 1996.

West Ham manager at the time, Harry Redknapp, was approached by a Hammers fan during a press conference and defended his decision to stick with a young 17-year-old Frank Lampard instead of Scott Canham (who?).

Turns out, Redknapp was right. Lampard will go down as one of the best midfielders of his generation and top England players of his time. Canham (who again?) on the other hand, will forever be a distant memory.

Brilliant stuff, Harry.


If you want to know why QPR has been stuck in the basement for basically the entire season AND why Liverpool avoided joining them in the relegation zone, this play will explain everything. Luis Suarez, whose goals single-handedly kept the Reds afloat for a while, shows his goal-scoring instinct here, but the QPR defense does do half the work.

QPR sit at 10 points going into the 2013. ‘Arry, you got some work to do this transfer season.

In the spirit of Christmas, Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp shares his thoughts with the media about how some of his ‘average’ players earn far too much money after his side’s 1-0 loss to Newcastle on Saturday night.