Cruel Braunschweig fans hang dead sheep at Hannover training grounds (Graphic!)

Eintracht Braunschweig’s rivalry with Hannover 96 is arguably the most hostile one in the Bundesliga, stemming from a bitter feud between the two cities that spans several centuries. But one group of barbaric Braunschweig fans really crossed the line with a despicable act ahead of their derby this Sunday.


What you see here is a dead sheep, tied up on Hannover’s training ground fence along with the message: “On Sunday, you dirty animals will be suffocated.”

Sadly, this shameful act is not a one-off. In their first meeting this season — the first derby since 1976 — Braunschweig fans dropped off a pig donning their rival club’s scarf in downtown Hannover:

imageImage: Bild


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