Gladbach’s Dominguez plays handball instead of soccer, gives up two PKs in one minute

Bayern Munich kicked off the Bundesliga season with a comfortable 3-1 win over longtime foes Borussia Moenchengladbach. Though Bayern were practically in control the entire game, they were helped by one of their opponents in a remarkable way.

With the score 2-1 to the home side in the second half, Gladbach’s Alvaro Dominguez had a penalty called against him for a rather obvious handball. What happened next, well, we’ve never seen anything like it.

Thomas Muller, as cool as they come from the spot, had his penalty saved by an outstanding Marc-Andre ter Stegen, but before the latter could even have a chance to get back into his stance, Dominguez incredibly handled the ball once more, leading to a second PK.

Practically begging Bayern to score, this time David Alaba made no mistake, sealing Munich’s season-opening win. Dominguez, meanwhile, maybe he should explore an alternate career in handball?

(Video via FootballDaily1)


Hands on approach! Keeper sent off for moment of insanity

This is not quite the start Swedish second division side Orgryte were looking for in their clash with Hammarby. Just 44 seconds into the game an innocuous punt upfield resulted in one of those crazy moments from a goalkeeper that simply defy explanation. For the record Peter Abrahamsson was sent off and Orgryte, who are in the relegation zone and need every point they can get, went on to lose 3-0. Enjoy.


Luis Suarez is at it again! The Liverpool goal-scoring machine saved the Reds from quite the FA Cup upset on Sunday, but he did so with a handball! The goal put Liverpool up 2-0 over Mansfield and, to the dismay of all those rooting for the underdog Stags, eventually held up as the difference.

On the one side, Suarez has once again drawn himself into a controversy and is being highly criticized for “cheating.” Then again, can you really blame Suarez for a referee team’s unforgivable blown call? Should he have asked to annul the goal? What do you guys think?