Ronaldo treats fan who woke from coma listening to his games

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Cristiano Ronaldo is at it again.

It was only last month that CR7 paid for a young fan’s brain surgery, and here he is producing yet another reason for why, regardless of your opinion of him, he deserves your respect and admiration.

Fourteen-year old Ronaldo fan Dawid Pawlaczyk was in a coma for three months after getting hit by a car, during which time his family had been playing Ronaldo’s matches for Dawid to listen to. In a magical coincidence, according to Yahoo, the boy finally woke up on the same day his favorite player shot Portugal past Sweden in the World Cup qualifying play-offs.

After Polish outlet Fakt contacted Ronaldo about the story, the selfless star immediately treated the boy and his family to a trip to Madrid for Real’s Champions League clash against Dortmund, even giving the boy his jersey after the game.

And so the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo grows a little more.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Carlos Tevez and Adnan Januzaj all celebrate their birthday today



Happy Birthday, boys!

Cristiano Ronaldo, the reigning world player of the year, turns 29 years young today, and even the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic took a minute out of his day to personally congratulate CR7 on Twitter:

Ronaldo responded brilliantly:

Your move, Zlatan.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s Barcelona rival Neymar was also born today, albeit seven years later. Two mega stars born on one day? Not bad! Thankfully, they will spoil us with their amazing goals for many more years to come, but take a look back now at their already incredible careers:

And if that wasn’t enough birthday candles for one day, Carlos Tevez (30) and Adnan Januzaj (19) are also celebrating their birthdays today. Clearly, there must be something very special about February 5th!


Ronaldo to buy Real physios new car for helping him win Ballon d’Or


Cristiano Ronaldo is very aware that winning a Ballon d’Or, although an individual award, could not be accomplished without the help of his teammates and his coaches. And, of course, his team of physios (as seen above).

Turns out, the folks responsible for maintaining Ronaldo’s body and massaging out the knots in his massive thighs will be most rewarded for doing their part. According to reports, Ronaldo had promised the full staff of physios a new car if he’d won the Ballon d’Or again, or won the Champions League. Whichever came first, we reckon.


A small part of the Ballon d’Or that he was awarded last Monday was also for the physios that work with him, and that is why the player has said on numerous occasions that he would buy them a car if he won the Ballon d’Or or if Real Madrid won its much-awaited “Décima” (tenth Champions League trophy).

The promise was made during one of the many long sessions that the Portuguese has being treated on the physio table. And Cristiano Ronaldo is a man who doesn’t make promises lightly.

While we don’t know whether this means the physios receive one car to share, or each their own, it’s a great gesture from Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, the entire staff got this shout-out via Twitter, with Ronaldo saying that “this award is for everyone.”

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Sergio Ramos serenades girlfriend on TV, makes all other boyfriends look bad

What is it with soccer stars surprising their ladyfriends on TV and bringing them to tears?

Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos, who has never been afraid to showcase his harmonious side, came up with the great idea to surprise his girlfriend on national TV with a nice little ditty seen above.

Pilar Rubio, Ramos’ girlfriend and guest on the show “El Hormiguero,” couldn’t contain herself when Casanova himself came out crooning with guitar in hand.

The oldest celebrity trick in the book, but it works every time. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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Pepe gets head stapled, returns to match after ugly collision

Crimson mask!

During Real Madrid’s Champions League match against Copenhagen on Wednesday, bruising defender Pepe, for once, found himself on the short end of an aerial collision. Suffering a huge gash over his right eye, Pepe was writhing in pain for several minutes before trainers came on to staple him back together.


You tend to have a little less sympathy when something like this happens to a guy who is notorious for dishing out horror tackles and general roughhousing. Still, you must commend Pepe for his toughness on this occasion.

Pepe later took to Twitter to thank his doctors and tell his fans he’s doing well: