Brek Shea posts - then quickly deletes - American instagram


'Murica giveth, and 'Murica taketh away.

Just minutes after posting this rather excessively patriotic picture on his instagram account, Stoke City’s Brek Shea perhaps realized that this might not be the best way to endear himself to potential employers - especially in Europe - and quickly deleted it.

What do people always say? You can take the kid out of Texas, but…

Hopefully this won’t come back to haunt Shea at his current club, where he hasn’t made an impact so far due to injury, but in the meantime maybe Brek should tone it down on the Instagram, because it isn’t the first time one of his pictures has caused an uproar.

Just a month ago, Shea’s picture of him sporting a pig’s head made the rounds as Stoke City players waged a prank war that got a little out of hand.

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Keeper plays full match with 9mm bullet lodged in head


Talk about shots on goal.

During an amateur match in Bosnia, 51-year-old keeper Dusko Krtalica played an entire 90 minute match in goal after being hit in the head with a stray 9mm bullet.

While he complained of a headache during the match, it wasn’t until after the 90 minutes that he began to feel numbness across his body and he was taken to a hospital for examination. A bullet was found lodged in his temple - it was removed safely and the keeper was in stable condition.

After a police investigation, it was found out that someone at a nearby wedding fired off a few rounds in celebration. Astonishingly, one of the bullets found it’s way into Krtalica’s skull.

Next time someone questions soccer players’ toughness, feel free to point them to this story.

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Sebastian Bassong’s ‘Instagun’ flap


He may have had an excellent season at Norwich in helping them avoid the Premier League drop, but defender Sebastien Bassong may have just landed himself a lot of trouble with some pictures he posted - and since deleted - on his Instagram account.

In the pictures, one can see Bassong holding a gun and readying himself to shoot it. Isn’t it about time these players had a bit of common sense about themselves?

The club have since released a statement confirming that the photos have been taken down, and also that the gun in the pictures is fake. Regardless, he should know better, surely.



Lionel Messi returned to the top of the AP Global 10 soccer rankings by breaking Pele’s 54-year-old goal-scoring record with his 76th tally over the weekend. Just how did he celebrate his return to the top of the world rankings? Simple. By having a big, scary gun pointed right in his face.

The hilarity starts at 3:00 when Argentina arrived to Saudi Arabia’s airport for Wednesday’s friendly. The team’s televised reception at the airport showed Messi being protected by an armed officers and staring down the barrel of an AK-47.

Check it out.