First Red Card of the English Season Comes 13 Minutes Into the First Game


Usually the first game of a new season starts out a bit conservative, at least until the players get back into the flow of things and grow comfortable with the pace of an official match. 

Notts County defender, Gary Liddle, however, embraced a different strategy during his team’s first match of the English Football League season against Sheffield United, going all out from the first whistle. Unfortunately the strategy of pure aggression didn’t really pan out, as he was given a red card only 13 minutes into the match!

We’ve tried to come up with an explanation for Liddle’s De Jong-like kung-fu kick, but we’ve got nothing. That’s just a comically bad challenge.

What makes the red card even more bizarre is that Notts County ran this advertisement to market season tickets, featuring Liddle:


Fans might want to think twice before they follow’s Gary example…


German Samurai, Pant-less Giroud highlight Arsenal’s Asia Tour


Image via Facebook

On the field, Arsenal enjoyed lots of goals on their preseason tour through Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia. It seems like the Gunners had a “blast” off the field as well.

For one, Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker showed off their affinity for Japanese culture by dressing up as Samurai warriors and staging a live ‘showdown’ in front of teammates and fans. Seriously, this video might be the greatest thing to come out of Japan since the Sony Playstation:

(video H/T 101GG)

And if that wasn’t enough, the club posted a video of “Arsenal Tour Outtakes” to their website, chronicling the shenanigans of Mertesacker, Podolski, Olivier Giroud and co.

Warning: video may or may not include footage of Giroud in his underwear:


It’s Not Easy Being a Goalkeeper

The new European soccer season is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing: a new season of hilarious howlers is upon us. Yes, the anticipation is killing us, too.

Until then, luckily there’s always soccer being played somewhere, and we’ve been blessed with a pair of delicious fails this weekend that’ll make you spit out your coffee. First up, a poor judgement call by a keeper in the Korean K-League led to a goal scored from 90 yards:

That’s pretty bad, but does it “top” this next clip? We highly doubt it.

The German 2nd division began play again this weekend, and in the match between Cologne and Dynamo Dresden, Cologne’s Timo Horn was clearly caught off guard by a back pass and, amazingly, decided to juggle his way out of trouble in his own penalty area:

He gets style points for the attempt, but he might want to leave the juggling to the rest of the team:

(Via 101GG)