Bayern Munich chairman quips team could win German Cup final drunk


Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummennige claimed that Bayern would have a chance to win the treble this weekend in the German Cup flnal even if they were still a bit drunk from celebrating!

During Sunday night’s (er, Monday morning’s) celebrations in London, Rummenigge said, “I know we have another final in six days, but I think we still have a chance even with 1.8 mg (ed.: permille)," the equivalent of .18% BAC.

Predictably, this didn’t go over well in Stuttgart, Bayern’s opponent on Saturday. Stuttgart’s Ibrahima TraorĂ© playfully countered, “That just means they have a high tolerance,” and added, “we have nothing to lose against the best team in the world. We’re looking forward to it.”

Stuttgart though, might not There might be a bit of truth to it that a slightly inebriated Bayern team could do the business on Stuttgart, who finished in 12th-place with less than half the number of points (43) as Bayern (91) this season. Bayern also beat the Swabians 6-1 and 2-0 in this season’s matchups.

(H/T abendzeitung-muenchen.de)


During Bayern Munich’s German Cup semifinal victory against Wolfsburg earlier in the week, French midfielder Frank Ribery was caught smooching with his wife Wahiba from the stands. No problem, right? That all depends on whom you ask.

You see, the lovey-dovey pair exchanged lip action while the Frenchman kept his eyes glued to his teammates and with a full face of food at that. To add further insult, Ribery wiped away the kiss once their gentle lips unlocked.

Ah, Frenchman. Vive l’amour!