Sam Allardyce breaks out slick dance moves

We’re going to file this one under: Things We Thought We’d Never See.

Just when the world thought the Gangnam Style trend was finally over, one of the last people you’d guess to hit the dance floor has breathed new life into it: West Ham manager Sam Allardyce.

The big man breaks out his best PSY moves on TV show A League of Their Own, and is surprisingly smooth and agile. Who knew Big Sam could groove!

This needs to be West Ham’s next goal celebration.

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PSY performs at Coppa Italia, fans not impressed

Apparently, Gangnam style is still alive.

South Korea’s PSY performed his hit song at the Stadio Olimpico during the Italian Cup final pregame festivities, but it appears that Roma and Lazio fans don’t care too much for him.

He was booed throughout his performance and fans even tried to drown him out with their own chants (1:35) and light off fireworks (2:01) to cover up the noise. The rapper tried to ease the tension by yelling “I love Italy” in Italian, but he was met with even more boos (3:22).

Roma and Lazio fans may not agree on much, but at least they were able to come together and unite against a common musical enemy.


Report: Adil Rami sustained injuries performing Gangnam Style dance


According to multiple reports, Valencia’s defender Adil Rami sustained injuries dancing to Gangnam Style at a charity concert earlier this month. The French player reportedly suffered blisters which caused him to miss training sessions and Valencia’s match against La Liga side Espanyol last week.

Valencia supporters were not pleased with the news, going so far as demanding that Rami return his salary to the club. ‘It’s a joke – he has let his teammates down and should give back the money,’ wrote one angry Valencia fan on a web forum.

It remains to be seen which is more embarrassing: the fact Rami injured himself dancing or the fact that he was caught rocking to Psy’s internet sensation.

Here is footage of Rami’s infamous dance and injury:


Caught in the act! LA Galaxy star David Beckham’s kids were seen dancing “Gangnam Style” during the Galaxy’s 1-0 win over the Seattle Sounders on Sunday.

Say it with us: “Awwwwww.”


Gangnam style celebrations galore.

By now, you have probably seen the viral video “Gangnam style.” Just in case, click here to check it out.

Since then, the song — and specifically the dance — has spread like wildfire. It has even made its way into the soccer world. From Cavani to Neymar, check out a few “Gangnam style” goal celebrations and videos from across the globe!

Who did it best? Cavani? Wesley? Neymar?