Spanish futsal player scores brilliant heel flick goal

In a Spanish futsal match between Burela and Deportivo Xota, Jorge Matamoros scored one of the most spectacular goals of the year. Receiving a pass from the halfway line, Matamoros scored on a reflexive backheel that lobbed the keeper, who was as dumbfounded by the brilliant touch as the commentator, and as you most likely are.

Go on, watch it again. And a few more times.

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Futsal team scores circus-goal in Argentina

We don’t know a whole lot about this goal other than that it happened in Argentina’s futsal league – or so Deadspin tells us. But that’s okay. The sheer beauty of this goal and everything about it stands on its own, free of context.

First, there’s the huddle, which seems to suggest that somebody had actually taken the time to draw up this play beforehand and order it deployed at a carefully-chosen moment.

Then, of course, there’s the two marginally out-of-shape players in the hot pink jerseys – which are amazing in their own right – trundling at each other and, with the benefit of replay, blatantly looking for the collision and dramatically tumbling over to confound the defenders. Their teammate now swoops in to whack the free kick into the stupefied opponents’ net.

The shot, if you play the grainy video frame by frame, seems to go through the wall and then through the goalkeeper’s legs. So that’s 10 bonus points right there.

And now comes the best part. The celebration. It’s hard to say how much of a crowd there was, but the noise it generates is respectable. But much more fun is the shooter’s double fist-pumping and the now-risen tumblers’ World Cup-winning embrace of each other.

This goal clearly meant a great deal to them. And now it does to us as well.


Real Madrid, Barca legends square off in Futsal match

When it comes to legends games, it’s clear that many of the old timers are simply nowhere near their playing shape, often making for slow-paced games that don’t make for a necessarily good watch. That’s why you wonder how come they don’t play more of these futsal games. With less room to run and a bigger focus on tricks, it’s the perfect setting for legends to entertain and fans to recall their greatness.

Just check out the highlights of this futsal “Clasico” held in Kuwait between past Barcelona and Real Madrid greats. There’s Juliano Belletti fooling Madrid keeper Bodo Illgner not once, but twice, from long distance; then there’s Luis Figo busting out the skill moves at the 7:22 mark, and plenty in between.

Apparently, Michael Owen and (surprisingly) Illgner were the only ones out of the bunch still hip enough to know what Twitter is. Luckily, they provided some commentary and pictures for the rest of the world.

In the end, Real Madrid’s legends came out on top, winning 9-5. Let’s hope that we see more of these futsal matches in the future.


Keeper goes coast-to-coast, scores well-taken goal!

We’ve all tried it in FIFA.

You’re up a couple of goals, the clock is running down and your keeper has the ball, so you say, “Screw it, I’m going for it” and run out, trying to take on the entire opposing team with your keeper (usually, it ends poorly).

Granted, this is only futsal, but goalkeeper Renan of Carlos Barbosa did the feat in real life, going coast-to-coast for a brilliant goal. Well done!


No, he’s not that Falcao. But this one, the Falcao of the Futsal world, can play as well. The brazilian Futsal legend is coming in hot with one of the cheekiest plays you’ll ever see: a spinning backheel lob free kick that leaves the goalie completely stunned. Who says Futsal is boring?!