Bremen’s Di Santo commits gruesome high boot to the face

Bundesliga side Werder Bremen have been miserably off target recently —they’ve managed one goal in their past three matches, all losses — but on Saturday, Bremen’s Franco di Santo did manage one clean strike. Unfortunately, it was to his opponent’s head, not the ball.

With Eintracht Frankfurt already up 1-0 midway through the first half, Di Santo caught Bastian Oczipka in the face with an awful high boot. The summer signing from Wigan was shown the red card straight away as Oczipka’s face bled profusely.

Thankfully, Oczipka was able to play on despite getting his nose stuffed with studs, and the man advantage helped Eintracht see out an easy win over tumbling Werder.

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Kung-fu kick halts match in Paraguay

A player in Paraguay responded to a series of red cards for his teammates by kung-fu kicking the referee straight in the face!

In a regional league match against Coronel Romero, Porvenir player Aldo Olmedo was rightly sent off for an atrocious tackle in the 71st minute. The referee was then angrily approached by two Porvenir players who somehow thought Olmedo’s tackle was defensible. Bumping into the ref  earned both players straight red cards as well (again, pretty straightforward).

Suddenly down to eight men, the rest of the team promptly converged on the official, with one (No. 11 shirt) going so far as to unleashing a textbook kung-fu side kick right into the referee’s grill. At this point, the police quickly entered the fray to prevent any further fighting, and the match was halted with Coronel Romero up 2-0 (though Porvenir probably didn’t have enough players left to continue anyway).


Hoffenheim’s Salihovic converts PK, promptly gets sent off for slapping opponent

Hoffenheim’s wild affair against SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga on Saturday produced a total of six goals as well as not one, not two, but three red cards.

The most bizarre sending off was undoubtedly drawn by Hoffenheim’s Sejad Salihovic. After converting a penalty kick in only the 9th minute, Salihovic and teammates celebrated right at the Freiburg goal, drawing the ire of SC goalkeeper Oliver Baumann and captain Julian Schuster. Salihovic then incredulously decided to slap Schuster in the face, for which the referee instantly went to his back pocket.

Hmm. Score a PK and get sent off right away, with barely ten minutes played. Interesting strategy, Cotton.

Here is the slap again in slow motion, because everything is better in slow motion:

Salihovic’s brain fart set the tone for a wild Saturday in the German league. A total of seven players were sent off in six matches, with Schalke’s match vs Hannover also supplying three red cards. Looks like a bunch of people woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.


Mario Balotelli gets sent off, takes out frustration on innocent wall

Why always him? In Italy’s World Cup Qualifier against Czech Republic, Balotelli pulled a total Balotelli.

Within a span of about four minutes, the 22-year-old was shown back to back yellow cards for senseless fouls, earning himself a send off. On the way off the pitch he decided to drop some punches and kicks into a tunnel wall to, you know, show everyone who’s boss.

Thankfully Italy was able to hang on a man down, securing a 0-0 draw and maintaining their position atop their World Cup Qualifying group.


Racing fans order players to lose so rival team can suffer relegation


What’s the biggest soccer rivalry in the world? The Manchester Derby? Liverpool and Everton? Inter vs. Milan? Roma and Lazio? Hands up those who said Racing Club and Independiente over in Argentina.

Fans of Racing Club issued this flyer ahead of their match against relegation-threatened Quilmes, which reads: “Players! Lose or rot in hell!”

This obviously begs the question, why would they so vehemently ask that of their players? Well, Racing’s main rival, Independiente, are also battling relegation, and there is just a tad bit of history between the three clubs:

Back in 1983, Independiente played Quilmes with the roles reversed and Racing Club facing the drop. Independiente are still widely believed to have accepted defeat top Quilmes to help send their bitter rivals down.

Well, now the boots on the other foot. Will Racing’s players satisfy their fans’ thirst for revenge?


Mario Balotelli was booked during AC Milan’s win against Torino over the weekend…by teammate Sulley Muntari.

Balotelli took his jersey off while celebrating his game-winner in the 84th minute, and as everyone who plays the game knows, that’s an automatic yellow card. So, Muntari he decided to have a little fun with it and grab the card out of the referee’s hand and card his teammate himself!

The ref gave a wry smile, but, being all super official-y, showed Balotelli the yellow once more for good measure.


You would be forgiven if you didn’t catch New Zealand’s World Cup qualifier against New Caledonia, but you have to see this: the All Whites’ Shane Smeltz was kicked in the face while looking to get in position for the potential game-winning goal. It was a grizzly injury, and no question a high studs-up challenge. Amazingly, no foul (and penalty) was given!!!

Double ouch!