Maryland fans break bleachers in fit of passion

Maryland’s men’s soccer team has some of the best fans in the country, and it’s not hard to see why. Friday’s game against Duke was seen by a record-breaking attendance of 8,397 at Ludwig Field, and things got so rowdy, a part of the stands collapsed!

It doesn’t appear there were any serious injuries, other than to the bleachers, of course. A lot of credit goes to the entire UMD Crew, who continued chanting and singing entirely unperturbed, as if they hadn’t just seen their friends go down like they were in Disney’s Tower of Terror.

This is why you can’t have nice things, Maryland.

(H/T Deadspin)


Poor Carlos Tevez.

First, the Argentinian striker was subbed out during the FA Cup final despite being perhaps City’s best player at the time. Then he had to take a long walk up the Wembley steps to receive the runners-up medal (never fun, and never easy to do in cleats). And then, to cap off a truly horrible day, Tevez took an ugly spill walking back down those harrowing steps of doom (scroll to 1:30 mark).

Had Tevez only seen the match official take a similar slip just a minute earlier, maybe he would have saved himself from a bruised behind.