Celebrations kick it up a notch in FIFA 14

FIFA is undoubtedly the world’s best-selling sports video game franchise, and one of the most anticipated features each year is the updated goal celebrations package. The game’s release is just two weeks away, and to tease it, EA Sports has now revealed all the new colorful ways you can make your favorite players taunt computer-controlled opponents.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the NFL, where celebrations earn players penalties and fines regularly. In the beautiful game, the more extensive your dance routine after a goal, the better. It’s totally acceptable to bust out a highly intricate “Le Cirque Labelle” routine, do the chicken dance, or even try “riding the cat” (really EA Sports?), as made famous by Congo goalkeeper Muteba Kidiaba:

Our money is on that one being the most used celebration in the game this year.

Sadly, you still can’t have your players do the one thing that isn’t allowed on the pitch — taking off their shirts (please don’t tell Mario Balotelli, he’ll be crushed). That option might never be included, but perhaps FIFA can meet us halfway. How about including an option of customizing your own undershirt messages?


I know it’s hard to contain the excitement, but try to relax guys, it’s just a trailer.

Among the key features for FIFA 14 are improvements in precision movement, shooting/positioning, ball physics, ball protection and teammate intelligence (thank goodness!). Will it top the ‘13 version? Jury’s still out.

Release date? September 27th. Ouch.

via EA Sports


We love games. We love FIFA 13. We also love funny game bugs such as this slide tackle glitch that sends poor Mario Balotelli twenty yards down the field like a hockey puck on pond ice.