FC Zurich women challenge FC Barcelona men to friendly

The FC Zurich women are not messing around. The Swiss team has played 22 matches, winning all of them, scoring 125 goals while only allowing nine. Apparently they aren’t facing tough enough competition, so they are looking to take a crack at one of the top clubs in the world, FC Barcelona.

They’ve challenged Barca to a friendly match on the evening of May 25th, and given that it is the same day as the Champions League final, Barcelona’s calendar should be wide open. The ladies have gone so far as offering to play on Barcelona’s home turf.

The only question left for Barcelona: “Do you have the balls?”


We reported on FOX Soccer how a pine marten brought a Swiss soccer match to a standstill at the weekend, but now we have the video footage to prove it. Unfortunately one player bit off more than he could chew when it came to capturing the weasel-like animal. Check out a great tackle to bring the cheeky creature’s run to an end.