Chicken restaurant trolls Rooney with burger special

If Wayne Rooney thought his World Cup couldn’t get any worse, he may want to look away now!

After failing to perform on the global stage for England, Rooney has come in for some heavy criticism from media and fans.

The striker has since apologized for his and the Three Lions’ performances in Brazil, however it wasn’t enough for one restaurant. The Chicken Lodge in Middleton, England is selling a special Rooney burger for the remainder of the tournament, using some of the labels aimed at the Manchester United forward. 

No word on whether or not this burger is prepared using cruelty-free meat.


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England fans reportedly attacked by crowd in Sao Paulo

According to multiple reports, a group of England fans were attacked by a crowd in São Paulo ahead of the team’s World Cup match against Uruguay on Thursday.

The Daily Mail reports that 10 England fans were taken to the hospital after being injured by firecrackers.

Local police said one of the attackers threw improvised explosive devices at English fans drinking at a bars close to the city’s official FIFA Fan Fest. Those that got close to the fans tried tearing off their English soccer jerseys:

Police arrested 15 people and confiscated weapons including knives and brass knuckles:

The British Consulate confirmed via Twitter that they were aware of the incident:

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Today, in World Cup Selfies…



Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Ghana wins, hands down.


Betting on the World Cup: Some crazy prop bets to throw money at


Got some cash to burn? Or just really don’t like a particular player or a team?

Most online betting sites let you wager on your favorite (or least favorite) teams, the likely tournament winners and top players. 

And then there’s the fun stuff. And the truly insane.

Here’s a roundup of some of the wackier prop bets you can make on the World Cup through betting site Paddy Power:

  • Luis Suarez to outscore the entire England World Cup Team — 7/1
  • Lionel Messi does not score a goal — 12/1
  • Cristiano Ronaldo does not score a goal — 9/2
  • Neymar does not score a goal — 5/1
  • Andrea Pirlo to score direct from a free kick outside the box during any match — 2/1
  • Any goalkeeper to do a scorpion kick — 66/1
  • Player fails a drugs test during the tournament — 6/1
  • Any English player to cry when eliminated — 2/5

We’re no gambling experts at the FOX Soccer towers, but it’s pretty safe to assume that Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar will NOT be held scoreless in Brazil this summer.

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Daniel Sturridge becomes human target in Honduras friendly

imageDaniel Sturridge did not have a good weekend (Image: Reuters)

Saturday was not kind to England’s Daniel Sturridge. The usually dependable target man looked more like the subject of target practice in the Three Lions’ last World Cup tune-up match against Honduras.

First, Sturridge received a nasty shot to the man area from Emilio Izaguirre: (Izaguirre would receive a yellow card for this completely uncalled for act, so at least justice was done.)

Later in the match, after Sturridge bottled a few chances he would normally convert, the Liverpool man was hit by a beer can thrown from the stands, probably by a fan who was displeased with the performance:

Hopefully for England, Sturridge will be doing more of the striking in Brazil, rather than getting struck by things.

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Fan throws impossibly accurate paper plane during England-Peru friendly

England beat Peru 3-0 on Friday at Wembley, with Daniel Sturridge scoring this beauty of a goal, but it wasn’t even close to the highlight of the match.

No, instead that honor goes to the fan who somehow managed to craft a paper airplane that was tossed from the upper deck AND HIT A PERU PLAYER. You have to see it to believe it:

That pinpoint accuracy is nearly unbelievable. The thrower must be the smartest luckiest fan in the world — England might want to consider taking him to Brazil as a good luck charm.

Disclaimer: We do not condone throwing things onto the pitch. But this is so insane it had to be seen.


Daniel Sturridge scores a beautiful curler for England

The runner-up for the Premier League Golden Boot has proven it doesn’t matter what kit he’s wearing — Daniel Sturridge is just good at scoring goals.

In England’s friendly against Peru on Friday, the Liverpool striker took matters into his own hands feet to break the deadlock after a pretty dull start from the Three Lions. That’ll do, Daniel. That’ll do:

If Sturridge continues to have moments of brilliance like this, he will shine for England in the World Cup this summer. Though the lack of dancing was a tad disappointing. He’s probably just saving it up for Brazil.


Wayne Rooney shares his World Cup playlist

If you’ve ever wanted to know what music gets Wayne Rooney prepared for matches, you’re in luck. The England striker shared his World Cup playlist on Twitter, and the mix of songs is rather fascinating.

It kicks off with Drunk In Love, because let’s be honest, no playlist would be complete without Beyonce on it.


Rooney follows that up with a strong selection of English artists — perhaps looking to get some inspiration from his fellow countrymen? Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, Passenger, James Blunt, Mumford & Sons and Sam Smith all made the cut.

But what is most interesting concerning about this list? The lack of upbeat music. It seems more suited for relaxing than getting hyped for a soccer match. Maybe it’s to help him fall asleep after the game?