David Beckham fell off his motorcycle, but don’t worry, he’s mostly OK

The English football icon has been making the most of his retirement, spending a lot of time indulging in some of his other hobbies. One of his favorites is riding motorcycles. 

Earlier this summer, a documentary called “Into The Unknown,” starring David Beckham was released, highlighting his travels through Brazil on his motorcycle.

While Beckham may be able to tackle the difficulties of riding through the Amazon, it seems that Golden Balls had a bit more trouble cruising down the Sunset Strip. According to TMZ, Beckham had to lay down his bike in the middle of the street to avoid paparazzi.

Now it looks like Becks may have injured his wrist in the accident. At least it wasn’t the moneymaker!

It’s clear that Beckham is certainly enjoying his retirement, but we all would like him stay in one piece, please.

Vanishing spray makes near-perfect Premier League debut


The popular free-kick tool known as “magic spray” made its debut in the Premier League on Saturday.  Across England, every spray of the vanishing white foam was greeted with applause and cheers from the stands.

Most of the refs seemed happy with their new-found spraying power. In particular, Manchester United-Swansea City referee Mike Dean, who used his canister with great enthusiasm (though Nathan Dyer wasn’t too impressed with this line).

Unfortunately, with any new product there’s always a chance of it backfiring. Poor referee Jon Moss learned that the hard way as he attempted to draw out the lines for an Arsenal free kick, and ended up spraying it all over himself:


Brutal. Hopefully that stuff doesn’t sting. Practice makes perfect, Jon. Keep at it and you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Photographs: Action Images, Getty Images


Pitch invader takes halfway decent free kick

imageJust look at the form - and those kicks. Perfect. (Photo: Action Images)

Most pitch invaders storm the field in hopes of hugging their favorite player, or snapping selfies with as many stars as possible. 

But on the opening day of the Premier League, one fan took a different route, and elected to show off his football skills. He saw the opportune moment as Spurs lined up to take a free kick and pounced with lightning quick speed.

Christian Eriksen looked just devastated that the strike didn’t go in. And to be honest, his ensuing free kick wasn’t any better than the pitch invader’s attempt.

Maybe Blackpool should consider giving the fan a call.


FA Cup history set to be made with 22-year-old manager


(Image via BBC.com)

What were you doing when you were 22 years old? Perhaps you were finishing up college, or starting a new job, likely mixing in some partying. Highly unlikely you were coaching a soccer team in England’s FA Cup.

That’s exactly what Romsey Town manager James Phillips is set to do, believed to be making history in England’s storied tournament. Phillips is likely to become the youngest manager in FA Cup history when Romsey Town faces Fareham Town on Saturday. The Football Association confirmed to BBC Sport they were unaware of anyone younger.

The youngster’s story and rise starts out predictably enough. He played a lot of video games in his early days, namely “Championship Manager.”

"I was one of those sad people after school who was sat there for hours playing Championship Manager," he told BBC Sport. "I always used to try and take a really small club up through the leagues."

The game piqued Phillips’ interest in coaching, kick-starting his coaching career at age 16 with Lyndhurst Football Club.

Last season, Phillips took the position of assistant reserve-team manager at Romsey Town before taking over for management duo Carl Bennett and John McFarlane. Phillips continued to impress, and named the first-team manager in April.

His ambition doesn’t stop there, either. “My ultimate aim is to work in the professional game in some capacity, whether that be as a coach or a manager, in the future.”

From playing video games to living them, Phillips has it figured out.

"Now I’m doing it in real life. It’s a little bit different with a bit more pressure."

Making history is just a BIT more pressure? Way to keep it cool, kid.

(h/t BBC Sport)


Newcastle won’t let Ben Arfa join their fan session so he’s having his own

Hatem Ben Arfa is almost certainly on his way out at Newcastle. After on-going “personality problems” and reportedly showing up to preseason overweight, manager Alan Pardew has demoted Ben Arfa to the reserve team, and gave away his number 10 to new signing Siem de Jong.

The club has now gone a step further and banned Ben Arfa from a fan session at St. James’ Park. Instead of missing out on meeting and greeting Newcastle fans, the talented attacker is taking matters into his own hands.

Ben Arfa has organized his own fan session at a Newcastle bookshop called The Back Page, where he won’t sign autographs, but he will mingle with Magpies fans.

imageWho needs the club’s approval anyway? Not Hatem! (Facebook)

Not only is Ben Arfa defying the club, he’s doing is just down the street from the stadium and on the same night - Tuesday - as the club’s official fan session.

Way to stick it to the man, Hatem, and win over quite a few Toon fans in the process.


Chicken restaurant trolls Rooney with burger special

If Wayne Rooney thought his World Cup couldn’t get any worse, he may want to look away now!

After failing to perform on the global stage for England, Rooney has come in for some heavy criticism from media and fans.

The striker has since apologized for his and the Three Lions’ performances in Brazil, however it wasn’t enough for one restaurant. The Chicken Lodge in Middleton, England is selling a special Rooney burger for the remainder of the tournament, using some of the labels aimed at the Manchester United forward. 

No word on whether or not this burger is prepared using cruelty-free meat.


(H/T Metro)


England fans reportedly attacked by crowd in Sao Paulo

According to multiple reports, a group of England fans were attacked by a crowd in São Paulo ahead of the team’s World Cup match against Uruguay on Thursday.

The Daily Mail reports that 10 England fans were taken to the hospital after being injured by firecrackers.

Local police said one of the attackers threw improvised explosive devices at English fans drinking at a bars close to the city’s official FIFA Fan Fest. Those that got close to the fans tried tearing off their English soccer jerseys:

Police arrested 15 people and confiscated weapons including knives and brass knuckles:

The British Consulate confirmed via Twitter that they were aware of the incident:

(h/t Mashable)


Today, in World Cup Selfies…



Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Ghana wins, hands down.