Lukas Podolski posts photo of Arsenal players sleeping after celebrating

After a lengthy drought, Arsenal was finally able to claim a much-deserved trophy after Saturday’s FA Cup triumph over Hull City. Some Gunners seemed to have celebrated a touch too much:

With a caption of “Hangover 4 - The collapse,” Lukas Podolski posted a photo on Instagram of several teammates all tuckered out from celebrating.

It might be a little embarrassing, but who can blame ‘em?

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New-found passion: Lessons learned at Emirates Stadium



Any American over-enthusiasm for my first major Premier League match had to be immediately hidden by the slightly disgruntled grimace one adopts when jammed ear to ear into an Underground train. I had taken a studious approach to dressing — wear all black and then piece together your pitch-side outfit from the team shop when you get to the grounds. I had been joking beforehand that I would go full kit, but figured I’d buy a hat and maybe a shirt. Past experience has proven there is nothing colder than soccer stadiums during the UK in winter, so the extra layers wouldn’t be a burden.

One hour later and many pounds lighter (in money, not weight), I had a hat, three pairs of socks, shorts, a retro jacket and a Cup-font away jersey with my name custom printed on the back. I’ve been trying not to let my head perform the currency conversion ever since, but, hey, I crossed an ocean to get here. Sometimes you gotta let the pence fall where they may.

image   This lad in front of me clearly enjoys Jack Links beef jerky.

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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: high ticket prices may force fans away from sporting events.

According to a report from the Guardian on Wednesday, Manchester City supporters returned nearly a third of their allocated tickets for Sunday’s Premier League match against Arsenal at Etihad Stadium after refusing to fork £62 per ticket (almost $100).

Check out FOX Soccer News’ latest report regarding this much-talked about topic in English football.