Player in Ukraine may have saved opponent’s life after collision

Something truly amazing happened in the Ukrainian Premier League today.

Dynamo Kiev midfielder Oleh Husev was knocked unconscious when he collided with the Dnipro goalkeeper’s knee. But not only was he out cold, his tongue seemed to have blocked his airway.

By stroke of luck or fate, Dnipro’s Jaba Kankava was nearby and knew exactly what to do. What happened next is both chilling and astonishing:

As of now, there hasn’t been any word on Husev’s condition, but regardless of outcome, it’s pretty clear that Kankava’s reaction could have saved his life.


More video surfaced from the opposite angle, and it’s somehow more intense than the first. It also shows Husev being transported to the hospital and walking in under his own power. While we don’t know the extent of his injuries, it looks like he’ll be just fine — largely in part because of Kankava’s actions.

(H/T SB Nation)


Dynamo Kiev’s Dmitry Korkishko and Frank Temile went after one another in training, resulting in an unexpected fight. You can just barely see Temile jaw at Korkishko, who responded with a heavy left to the head. Temile went right back at Korkishko, laying a solid right before hanging on to him like a spider monkey in the scuffle afterwards.

Unanimous decision, Temile.


If you didn’t catch the Snowstorm game between Dinamo Zagreb and Dynamo Kiev, you not only missed lots of slide tackles, slips, and 90 minutes of playing “where’s the ball,” but also this awesome goal by Andriy Yarmolenko.