German player takes diving to a whole new level

imageIf they handed out a Golden Raspberry to the worst diver of the year, then Preußen Münster midfielder Benjamin Siegert would win 2014’s award in a landslide.

As if his initial dive against Sonnenhof Großapach wasn’t already terrible enough this weekend, Siegert upped the ante for the Ashley Youngs of the world with a truly ridiculous break-dance move at the end, miraculously jumping up from the ground before writhing in agony one more time: Truly horrific stuff. No wonder this guy plays in the third division. He’s clearly got to work on his play-acting skills if he wants to make it to the top!

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Coach takes dive after getting hit by snowball

Ashley Young, take a seat. Neymar? Watch how the real pros do it.

We’re talking about diving, of course, and it looks like we’ve found a new low. In a Cypriot league match between Anorthosis Famagusta and Omonia Nicosia, a member of the Anorthosis coaching staff took a tumble for the ages after getting hit with snow from the opposing fans midway through the game. It wasn’t even a real snowball for goodness’ sakes!

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This is why Matt Besler will miss Tuesday’s WCQ vs Mexico

Three members of the US Men’s National Team earned themselves a suspension on yellow card accumulation Friday night against Costa Rica. Jozy Altidore, Geoff Cameron and Matt Besler are all ineligible for tomorrow’s clash against Mexico, but no suspension has caused as much of a stir as that of Besler’s.

The defender received his yellow card for bumping into Ticos forward Joel Campbell late in the match and away from the action. The act was not caught by TV cameras, nor was it even seen by the match referee, but today video of the “foul” emerged, and it tells quite a different story. It appears that Campbell blatantly dove to the ground after brushing up against Besler, who was simply walking around minding his own business.

Understandably, Besler was irked by what he saw:

Campbell might want to keep a close eye on his mailbox the next few weeks. He should be receiving his “Best Actor” nomination from the Academy real soon.


Luis Suarez admits to diving during matches

Trouble always seems to find Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez. This time around, Suarez himself opened the can of worms with his recent admission.

Suarez could face sanctions from Liverpool after admitting he dived during a match at Stoke earlier this season.

The Liverpool forward admitted to “falling” during October’s goalless draw at Anfield in an attempt to win a penalty. Reds boss Brendan Rodgers on Thursday described diving as “unacceptable” and revealed the club would look to take action.

Suarez made the admission to FOX Sports in Argentina, saying: “Football is like that. Sometimes you do things on the field that later you think ‘why the hell did I do that?’

Should divers be fined? FOX Soccer’s Match Day gang debate what should be done to eradicate diving from the beautiful game.
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