Drink it like Beckham! Superstar gets his own Scotch


He was the world’s highest-paid footballer not too long ago and is married to Posh Spice. He has his own line of underwear and men’s fragrances. Heck, he even has his own MLS franchise now! Once in a wile, David Beckham must ask himself, “What don’t I have?”

The answer: his own liquor.

Well, at least until now, because “Golden Balls” is linking up with British drinks giant Diageo to release a new scotch called Haig Club. A bottle of Beckham’s drink of choice will run you about $65 and is said to have hints of butterscotch and toffee flavor, which sounds delicious. However, drinking this scotch will not make you a better footballer (just to be perfectly clear).

Terms of the partnership — including whether or not Beckham is actively investing in the brand — weren’t disclosed, but a Diageo spokesperson said the global superstar, along with business representative Simon Fuller (yes the American Idol producer), would help develop the brand, its strategy and positioning.

“David Beckham and Simon Fuller are renowned for breaking boundaries and shaking up markets in every sector in which they work,” Diageo’s Global Head of Premium Core Spirits David Gates said in a released statement. “We are immensely proud to partner with them on our first large scale grain whisky innovation.”

Celebritiy tie-ups in the liquor industry is clearly what’s hot in the streets nowadays. Diageo has already teamed up with Sean “Diddy” Combs to buy upmarket tequila DeLeón, while George Clooney and Justin Timberlake have also put their names on tequila brands recently.

Beckham added: “The House of Haig has a rich history and I’m proud to be working at the heart of a home-grown brand which has built an incredible heritage over 400 years. Working closely with Diageo, we look forward to collaborating on Haig Club, valuing and treasuring the Haig traditions while reinventing this whisky for years to come.”

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Beckham plans Xavi move for Miami franchise


David Beckham is already starting work in recruiting players good enough to compete in MLS. First on the list is Barcelona midfielder Xavi, who would be 37 years of age when Miami kicks off in 2017. Xavi has already expressed his desire to stay at Camp Nou but three years down the line and his body may not be up to the rigour of La Liga.

Sticking with the Barca theme we’ve also got the latest on Victor Valdes, whose proposed move to Monaco is on the verge of collapse. Where could he be heading? Click here to find out. 


Beckham wants CR7 Miami deal


Following the confirmation of David Beckham’s new team in Miami, he pledged to bring some of the world’s best stars to USA’s east coast. Well, he could be starting to deliver on his promise already. In Sunday’s newspapers the former LA Galaxy midfielder has been linked with bringing Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to Miami. 

Other rumors in the tabloids focus on Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney signing a new contract and Robin van Persie potentially rejoining Arsenal.

For these rumors and the rest of Sunday’s transfer gossip, click here.


Sadly, David Beckham’s new team is not ‘The Miami Vice’


Ever since David Beckham announced his intentions to bring pro soccer back to South Beach, the rumor mill has been in overdrive. And on Wednesday, nostalgists everywhere got a boost with the news that Crockett and Tubbs may be back to prowl the mean streets of Miami.

On Wednesday, the Palm Beach Post cited unnamed sources that said one of the names under consideration for the team was “Miami Vice FC.” They followed up by posting images purportedly used in the franchise’s presentations to city officials as they try to secure a stadium location.

But just as we were dusting off our white blazers and cueing up Jan Hammer’s iconic theme song, David Beckham’s publicist poured cold water on the whole thing:

Oliveira followed up by strenuously denying any such presentation existed at all. What a shame! Guess we’ll have to leave those loafers and pink v-necks in the back of the closet after all.

Click here for possible “Miami Vice FC” logos and uniforms.

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Want to see David Beckham smash eggs on his head?


David Beckham went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past week and the two partook in a game of “Egg Russian Roulette.” The two take turns smashing eggs on their heads, with the catch being that eight are hard-boiled, while four are not.

So for anyone who’s always wanted to see Beckham spread egg yolk in his hair, here’s your chance:


Becks’ revolutionary Super Bowl underwear commercial

David Beckham is probably one of the best looking men around, right ladies? Well now you can buy his underwear off his body in this television commercial set to be aired during the Super Bowl.

Viewers with a Samsung Smart TV will be able to buy the soccer star’s undergarments directly through their television during the revolutionary 30-second H&M ad.


David Beckham, Big Softie

David Beckham opened up recently to BBC One’s “Breakfast Show,” dishing on life in LA — and how he cries during TV shows and movies!

Beckham told interviewer Nick Grimshaw that he was “kind of an emotional wreck with movies. I can’t get through some movies without shedding a tear.”

Goldenballs’ favorites? The Office, Friends – and, surprisingly Bruce Willis sci-fi vehicle Armageddon. Watch Beckham discuss this and much more in the video above.



David Beckham explains horror Manchester United initiation

imageBefore gaining fame for his free kicks, “Bend it like Beckham” held a different meaning in the United locker room. (Image: Getty)

"The Class of ‘92," an upcoming documentary about the Manchester United youth academy’s most famous graduates, always promised to offer an inside look into the rise of David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Co. But is this simply too much information?

In the run-up to Sunday’s premiere in London, Beckham was forced to delve into his memory bank and recount a quite uncomfortable tale of his initiation into the senior side. While every new member was hazed in some way, Beckham said he got the worst of it; he was required to perform a sex act on himself whilst staring at a picture of eighties Reds legend Clayton Blackmore.

The picture probably looked something like this:

imageClayton Blackmore, circa 1989.

No comment.

In an interview with Metro.com, Beckham said:

“Everyone had an initiation that you had to go through on the youth team, that was one of the most uncomfortable ones, I got the short straw!

“The fact that I had to look at Clayton Blackmore’s calendar and do certain things…while looking at Clayton Blackmore.”

"I was embarrassed when I was saying it on camera let alone talking about it more. But it’s something that we all had to go through. It was definitely something I wouldn’t like to go through again!"

Again, no further comment from us. Let’s just check out the film’s official trailer instead:


Beckham signs 1-year contract with Arsenal!

Nope! Not that one. Gotcha!

David Beckham’s 10-year-old son Romeo has signed with Arsenal on a 1-year youth contract, according to ITV. It’s not a surprise, either. Romeo  has long been identified as a Gooner, and was recently spotted running about in an Ox jersey:

Trying to follow in his father’s footsteps as a footballer, Romeo will now get his chance to develop the other half of his inherited skill set. Of course, he’s already gotten his feet wet in the modeling world, just like David:


Image - Burberry