World Cup Day 9: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Well, it’s official: the United States are still very much alive at the World Cup while England and Spain have already crashed and burned after just nine days of competition.

Meanwhile, CONCACAF is 4-1-2 through the first half of the group stage, and Costa Rica is one of the first four teams to advance to the Round of 16. Just like we all predicted.

Yup, it’s certainly been a strange — and impossibly fun — tournament. Check out the best tweets of the day in our latest installment of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:”



Heading into the World Cup, most folks felt that the UEFA representatives would struggle in Brazil while picking South American teams to thrive in the tropical conditions. That’s certainly been true to an extent, but it seems we all overlooked the real story: CONCACAF.

Not anymore. Now that Costa Rica has shocked the world (twice), this World Cup could become CONCACAF’s finest hour. With Mexico and the United States enjoying favorable odds of joining Los Ticos in the Round of 16, we could see three nations from CONCACAF advance past the group stage for the first time in history:

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Either do Daniel Sturridge’s dance correct, or don’t do it at all

(Image: Getty)

If you hadn’t noticed, Daniel Sturridge has a very identifiable dance. It’s quite difficult to properly describe, but just watch a Liverpool or England game and you’re likely to see him bust it out, given his torrid scoring clip.

But with great success comes great responsibility, and Sturridge told the BBC he doesn’t want anyone doing his dance improperly.

"If someone does a dance that you’ve created, and they do it wrong, you look bad, no?" the Liverpool striker said. Makes sense! But fear not, he wants to give rhythm-less schmoes like us a tutorial.

Sturridge also hinted that the dance isn’t quite complete, noting something is in the “pipeline” for next season. Maybe the tutorial should wait until we know exactly what we’re up against.


Sam Allardyce breaks out slick dance moves

We’re going to file this one under: Things We Thought We’d Never See.

Just when the world thought the Gangnam Style trend was finally over, one of the last people you’d guess to hit the dance floor has breathed new life into it: West Ham manager Sam Allardyce.

The big man breaks out his best PSY moves on TV show A League of Their Own, and is surprisingly smooth and agile. Who knew Big Sam could groove!

This needs to be West Ham’s next goal celebration.

(H/T 101GG)


Thierry Henry continues on-pitch hilariousness with dance

Perhaps fueled by the introduction of the new internet meme #Henrying, New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry continued his recent penchant for on-field antics.

During a weekend 1-0 win against FC Dallas, Henry reacted to a foul called against him by, well, apparently dancing.

We’re not sure exactly what Henry was trying to convey with his gyration, but it certainly was fun to watch.

(h/t TalkSport)


Neymar’s girlfriend shakes her stuff on live TV

Neymar’s girlfriend apparently moves just as well as her boyfriend.

Bruna Marquezine, the 18-year-old flame of Neymar, showed off some racy dance moves on the Brazilian celebrity dance show “Quadradinho de Quatro.” An actress since childhood, Marquezine is certainly used to being in the spotlight, but we’re not sure how Neymar will feel about this particular bit.

Some men might get a little uneasy about their girlfriend showing off the curves for all the world to see, especially with some creep grinding up on her.

(H/T Marca.com)


Michael Ballack confirms that white people can’t dance

Michael Essien’s “Game of Hope” event in Ghana allowed for some letting loose at a dinner banquet, with several pro players in attendance showing off their dance moves.

There was Emmanuel Adebayor stealing the show. Djibril Cisse and Essien, too, were breaking it down.

Then, out of nowhere, in comes Michael Ballack. who, well… who tries.


PUMA throws flashmob for Dortmund, team could not care less

First thing’s first: You have to give PUMA some credit for supporting their team, even when they are down. Their timing, however, could not have been worse.

Borussia Dortmund had just lost the UEFA Champions League final. It was their biggest game of the year, and probably the biggest game of many of the players’ careers. When they arrived at the check-in counter at the airport before heading home to Germany, they were greeted with a singing and dancing PUMA flashmob.

The Dortmund team and staff could not have looked less interested. After coming off one of the biggest disappointments of their career, this was surely the last thing they wanted to see.

The strangest part of all: Everything was sung in English. There was even a “we’re proud of you” sign written in English. Not only were they subjected to this dance number, but it was all performed in a foreign language. How unsettling and different to Bayern Munich welcome back home:


Report: Adil Rami sustained injuries performing Gangnam Style dance


According to multiple reports, Valencia’s defender Adil Rami sustained injuries dancing to Gangnam Style at a charity concert earlier this month. The French player reportedly suffered blisters which caused him to miss training sessions and Valencia’s match against La Liga side Espanyol last week.

Valencia supporters were not pleased with the news, going so far as demanding that Rami return his salary to the club. ‘It’s a joke – he has let his teammates down and should give back the money,’ wrote one angry Valencia fan on a web forum.

It remains to be seen which is more embarrassing: the fact Rami injured himself dancing or the fact that he was caught rocking to Psy’s internet sensation.

Here is footage of Rami’s infamous dance and injury:


If you were too busy watching “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones” on Sunday night (and who could blame you really), you missed out on  the biggest Harlem Shake ever before El Super Clasico match between Guadalajara and Club America at Estadio Omnilife.

Yes, we’re tired of watching this dance phenomenon just as the other person. Yet, what made this version unique is that every person imaginable - from players, coaches, referees, fans and workers - participated in the spectacle.

Don’t believe us? Check it out!


The trend that keeps on giving: The Harlem Shake.

This time, Champions League contenders Juventus went to extreme lengths with Arturo Vidal doing his best to imitate King Arthur’s dance moves, while ex-United player Paul Pogba flashed his Zorro skills for the entire world to see. As for Alessandro Matri, well, we’ll let you judge his Dragon Ball Z act.  

Sadly, we don’t expect this internet meme to stop anytime soon.