Summing up the Premier League in one tidy little flowchart

Wondering where it all went wrong (unless you’re a Man City fan) for your Premier League team? Was it “lots of own goals and red cards” that did your team in? Maybe it was spending “£27.5 on a giraffe in a wig” that was the final nail in the coffin?


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The fine folks at Project Babb have put together a convenient little flowchart to help answer these questions and make sense of one of the craziest EPL seasons of recent memory.


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Mourinho warns ball boy that “one day somebody will punch you”


Sure, Jose Mourinho meant well when he approached a Crystal Palace ball boy during Chelsea’s 1-0 loss at Selhurst Park today. The poor kid looked confused as all get out.

"Mr. Mourinho, isn’t there a match you’re supposed to be managing?"

Apparently the Special One felt it necessary to lecture the young boy on his time-wasting tactics, warning him that things might not be so pretty next time (as we know, Eden Hazard has no patience for unruly ball boys).

So what words of wisdom did Jose impart on the youngster?

“I told him not to do that [waste time] because he runs the risk of one of my players to punch him or to lose his temper, so don’t do that because you are risking [retaliation],” Mourinho said after the loss.

While we’re sure Jose meant well, but telling a young kid that there’s a threat of physical harm for his nonsense probably wasn’t the best idea. Then again, it’s likely he got the point across.

Watch Mourinho’s full comment here:


The Championship play-off final is sometimes referred to as the most valuable game in soccer for the windfall that teams enjoy once they make it to the Premier League. While that’s a justifiable perspective, it also overlooks the purity of what fans experience as they support their teams in the lowest dredges of the English soccer pyramid.

From the lowest of the lows, to grinding through the Championship, the path to the Premier League is a difficult one, and one that relies on a long-term commitment from a club’s supporters.

That experience can be difficult to explain to fans outside of English soccer, but this video, which chronicles last season’s Championship play-off final between Watford and Crystal Palace, makes a good attempt. From the pre-match nerves, to the stress that both fans and players alike feel in the stands during the match, to the simultaneous eruptions of joy and sorrow once the final whistle blows, this is the Championship experience.

It captures the drama of promotion like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Cheerleaders and soccer have never really mixed well, and only a handful of clubs employ the scantily-dressed, pom-pom wielding ladies on the sidelines.

Maybe more of them should!

With the club season “ending,” crushed soccer fans everywhere are looking for a little pick-me-up, and who better to supply it than the lovely Crystal Palace girls, whose Christmas special last December is still firmly etched in our memory?

Teaming up with the cheerleaders of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars (random, but we don’t hate it), “The Crystals” shot a music video for the club’s anthem “Glad All Over,” which of course is especially appropriate after the team’s recent promotion to the Premier League!


Barnsley forced to wear Crystal Palace away kits!

Before Saturday’s Championship tilt between Crystal Palace and Barnsley, referee Kevin Stroud decided that the visitor’s black and blue striped away kits, as well as their red home kits, were both too similar to Crystal Palace’s red and blue striped home uniforms.

The solution? Barnsley was forced to borrow Palace’s away kits!


The game itself ended in a 0-0 draw, making Palace’s kit sponsors the only real winners!