Copenhagen blocks ticket orders from fans with non-Danish sounding names

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FC Copenhagen fans were probably thrilled after getting drawn with Real Madrid, Celtic and in the Champions League group stage. After all, it poses a rare chance to see some European giants come to town. Not surprisingly, many were eager to order the three-match ticket bundles for the trio of home fixtures but shockingly many received emails from the club telling them that their tickets had been cancelled due to “security reasons.”

The reason?

They’re names were “non-Danish” sounding.

The bizarre decision to block purchases of orders made by people with foreign-appearing names was made to prevent away fans from claiming tickets in the home sections of the Parken stadium, which the club said was a “main safety concern.” However, it upset many Copenhagen fans with non-traditional Danish last names.

Copenhagen club secretary Daniel Rommedahl then responded to hundreds of fans who had since showered the club with criticism, insisting that fans will be able to plead their case that they are, indeed, fans of FC Copenhagen:

“Safety is always our main concern when it comes to events at Parken. Therefore we make every effort to ensure that fans of our guests only have access to the away section.

“If a dialogue with the customer shows otherwise, the purchase will be approved.

“We were fully aware that our decision would cause a reaction, but it was the best solution. We are fully aware that everyone will not agree, but discrimination it is not.”

It’s hard to see that this was the best possible solution, but at least fans will get a chance to retrieve their rightly tickets. We wonder how exactly that dialogue is going to go, though. Questioning fanhood based on last names probably makes for some awkward phone conversations.

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