Pele asks Brazil supporters not to boo if team plays poorly


The Confederations Cup kicks off Saturday and host nation Brazil is widely viewed as the favorites to win the competition. After a string of disappointing performances in the 2010 World Cup, 2011 Copa America, and 2012 Summer Olympics, Brazilians are understandably on edge.

The legendary Pele has stepped up and asked his fellow countrymen to support the team and refrain from booing even if they struggle.

He tells Goal.com:

“A request to all Brazilians, to those who love Brazilian football, to respect this preparation period before the Confederations Cup. Don’t jeer the team, and don’t bring violence to the stadiums. Let’s host a clean cup - even if the team doesn’t perform well, we should not jeer - and support the players, because they need this.”

This will be an interesting test to gauge the Brazilian temperament a year prior to their hosting of the 2014 World Cup.