Copenhagen fans take tifo game to whole new level

Stadium-wide tifos? That’s so ten years ago.

If you want to step your club’s tifo game up, take a lesson from FC Copenhagen. Ahead of their derby clash against rivals Brondby, the Danish side’s fans choreographed an enormously intricate, interactive tifo that will blow away any and all challengers. Literally!

Check it out:

First, the fans unfurl a giant banner picturing a cannon directed at Brondby’s home stadium, along with the message “The order has been given to shoot down the enemy.”

Then, a fan runs along the top of the banner with an actual ‘cannon ball’ attached to a fishing rod contraption, until said cannon ‘smashes’ into the rivals’ stadium. At that moment, the first layer of the tifo brilliantly drops away to reveal Brondby’s stadium on fire. For good measure, black smoke flares are set off as well. Finally, a third banner drops down with the message “Copenhagen is ours!”

Outstanding work all the way around, lads. Unfortunately, the derby ended in a draw, so Brondby technically got a share of the city after all.

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This is one of the coolest looks at championship celebrations you’ll ever see

Ajax secured their 33rd Eredivisie title on Sunday, making it four straight triumphs for the Dutch club. That’s more than any other team in the Dutch league.

But just because they’ve made a habit of winning the league over and over again, they still celebrate like it’s the first time. Thanks to defensive star Daley Blind, we got a a behind the scenes look at their most recent title celebrations.

As expected, there’s cheering, dancing and a LOT of drinking.

Drink up, fellas. You deserve it.

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President Obama plays soccer with Japanese robot because why not

The robot takeover is upon us. Run for your lives. IT’S HAPPENING!

Alright, alright, not exactly. Maybe robots will take over the world one day, but thankfully we’re not there yet.

We are, however, now living in an age where a robot has a better first touch than the President of the United States. Sorry, Barack, but this Japanese masterpiece has you beat:

You might want to keep your day job, Mr. President.


NY Red Bulls have pro rock climber retrieve match ball from roof


Bringing the match ball out to the pitch is a pretty boring affair, and the concept of a man parachuting in has been so overdone. But the New York Red Bulls managed to spice it up for their season opener against the Colorado Rapids on Saturday.

Acclaimed pro rock climber Sasha DiGiulian scaled the roof of Red Bull Arena to retrieve a match ball that was fixed to one of the rafters, more than one hundred feet off the ground. DiGiulian also unveiled the official Supporter’s Shield Banner from the edge of the roof.

DiGiulian than posted a sick time-lapse video of her climb to Instagram:

Image and H/T: Original Winger


Fans help out Emirates light failure with cell phones

During Friday’s fourth round FA Cup match between Arsenal and Coventry City, several of the light fixtures at the Emirates Stadium suddenly went out, prompting fans to chant “Arsenal, pay the bill.”

Luckily, plenty of fans from both sides apparently had the Flashlight app on their smartphones and provided some timely backup:



Union Berlin host 27,500 fans on Christmas Eve for caroling event

Ten years ago, 89 fans snuck into Union Berlin’s stadium to sing Christmas songs after a string of losses, serving as sort of a morale booster. The next year, the club decided to make it an annual, sanctioned event, and the tradition has been growing ever since.

This time around, Union is competing for promotion to the Bundesliga at the halfway point of the German second division. To celebrate, 27,500 supporters showed up to the stadium of the “Alte Försterei,” a new record.

A grand total of 72,000 people reportedly expressed interest in tickets, which were free, but not a single person more would have fit in the grounds.

A dozen or so of the club’s players and their families also joined the festivities, as well as former German national team defender Christof Metzelder, who was blown away by the scenes:

Video H/T Berliner Morgenpost


Imagine that: A soccer take on NFL logos

The fine folks over at FootballAsFootball.com have re-envisioned some of the most recognizable logos in American sports: NFL team logos.

Taking four of football’s most soccer-crazed countries, the artists made logos in the style of English, Italian, German and Spanish clubs. Take a look at some of our favorites from each country below, and be sure to check them all out and find your favorite:


San Francisco 49ers (Germany)


Arizona Cardinals (Spain)


New York Jets (Italy)


Buffalo Bills (England)


Groom busts out aisle freestyle on wedding day

If your wedding day is supposed to give you the jitters — or even worse, cold feet — then Daniel Cutting is about as calm as Hindu cow.

Watch as this groom opts to make his march toward matrimony while juggling a soccer ball.

Consider all the factors stacked against him: He’s in a cramped church aisle; he has his family, friends, and the eyes of God all upon him; and oh, he’s about to pledge his life to another. And he absolutely nails it.

What a display! He even takes it up a notch by shaking hands with some of the attendees. Bonus points if he spotted his soon-to-be father-in-law.

With an entrance like this, it makes us wonder what he did for the proposal.

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