NY Red Bulls have pro rock climber retrieve match ball from roof


Bringing the match ball out to the pitch is a pretty boring affair, and the concept of a man parachuting in has been so overdone. But the New York Red Bulls managed to spice it up for their season opener against the Colorado Rapids on Saturday.

Acclaimed pro rock climber Sasha DiGiulian scaled the roof of Red Bull Arena to retrieve a match ball that was fixed to one of the rafters, more than one hundred feet off the ground. DiGiulian also unveiled the official Supporter’s Shield Banner from the edge of the roof.

DiGiulian than posted a sick time-lapse video of her climb to Instagram:

Image and H/T: Original Winger


Fans help out Emirates light failure with cell phones

During Friday’s fourth round FA Cup match between Arsenal and Coventry City, several of the light fixtures at the Emirates Stadium suddenly went out, prompting fans to chant “Arsenal, pay the bill.”

Luckily, plenty of fans from both sides apparently had the Flashlight app on their smartphones and provided some timely backup:



Union Berlin host 27,500 fans on Christmas Eve for caroling event

Ten years ago, 89 fans snuck into Union Berlin’s stadium to sing Christmas songs after a string of losses, serving as sort of a morale booster. The next year, the club decided to make it an annual, sanctioned event, and the tradition has been growing ever since.

This time around, Union is competing for promotion to the Bundesliga at the halfway point of the German second division. To celebrate, 27,500 supporters showed up to the stadium of the “Alte Försterei,” a new record.

A grand total of 72,000 people reportedly expressed interest in tickets, which were free, but not a single person more would have fit in the grounds.

A dozen or so of the club’s players and their families also joined the festivities, as well as former German national team defender Christof Metzelder, who was blown away by the scenes:

Video H/T Berliner Morgenpost


Imagine that: A soccer take on NFL logos

The fine folks over at FootballAsFootball.com have re-envisioned some of the most recognizable logos in American sports: NFL team logos.

Taking four of football’s most soccer-crazed countries, the artists made logos in the style of English, Italian, German and Spanish clubs. Take a look at some of our favorites from each country below, and be sure to check them all out and find your favorite:


San Francisco 49ers (Germany)


Arizona Cardinals (Spain)


New York Jets (Italy)


Buffalo Bills (England)


Groom busts out aisle freestyle on wedding day

If your wedding day is supposed to give you the jitters — or even worse, cold feet — then Daniel Cutting is about as calm as Hindu cow.

Watch as this groom opts to make his march toward matrimony while juggling a soccer ball.

Consider all the factors stacked against him: He’s in a cramped church aisle; he has his family, friends, and the eyes of God all upon him; and oh, he’s about to pledge his life to another. And he absolutely nails it.

What a display! He even takes it up a notch by shaking hands with some of the attendees. Bonus points if he spotted his soon-to-be father-in-law.

With an entrance like this, it makes us wonder what he did for the proposal.

(h/t 101GreatGoals)


Mesut Ozil plays keepy-uppy with chewing gum

It looks like there is nothing Mesut Ozil can’t do right now. After three assists in four matches for the Gunners, the German international appears to have turned around the fortunes of the club. And in his latest act of greatness, Ozil brought out the ol’ gum-juggling trick during warm-ups before Arsenal’s clash with Swansea on Saturday.

Dubbed “the Magician” more than occasionally in both Germany and Spain, Ozil proves he indeed has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. If he ever needs any extra work or a new hobby after football, surely a stint working in the circus could be his next calling.

H/T 101GG


Ref Cam! Watch the match in referee’s point of view

During last week’s MLS All-Star game, social media was buzzing over the ref cam, which official Hilario Grajeda wore throughout the match. The camera offered a very different perspective for TV viewers, showing all the little things that go into being a referee, from interacting with the players to showing off an arsenal of hand signals.

It might also provide fans some insight into how hard the job really is. It’s easy for us to sit in front of the TV, with the benefit of replays, and criticize referees for their mistakes. But it’s clearly quite difficult to get a good vantage point for every little action when you’re down on the pitch.

The All-Star game marked the first time that such footage was used in a soccer broadcast, and here’s to hoping it will be featured again in the future, maybe even a World Cup. They might want to make it a bit more practical to wear, though. Where are we, in the 90s? Look how big that thing is: 



Rest of MLS would be very jealous if this was, in fact, NYC FC’s new stadium (but it’s not)


(Images via SportGrid)

New York City FC is set to begin play in the 2015 MLS season, and it still doesn’t have a place to call home. However, leaked sketches for a new soccer stadium on Manhattan’s Pier 40 leaked on the internet, sparking rumors that it could be for NYC FC’s new arena.

It would make for one of the coolest venues in all of soccer, that’s for sure. The open ended stadium would offer a view of the lower Manhattan skyline, including the One World Trade Center building. How cool is that?



Are you getting excited, New Yorkers?

Don’t. Actually, pump the brakes.

The images are apparently not part of the plan for NYC FC’s future home, but rather conceptual designs that MLS produced in the past when considering Pier 40 as a potential soccer stadium. Currently, there are no plans in the works for such an arena. Sorry.

However, if MLS would somehow reconsider the project, we’re sure NYC FC’s joint partners, Manchester City and the New York Yankees, would be more than willing to splash the cash to make it a reality. Just look at the thing! The club would then certainly be off to a good start in competing with the two other local teams — the Red Bulls and the Cosmos — for the city’s attention.

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