Tahiti midfielder was Fernando Torres’ honeymoon tour guide in 2007


It truly is a small world.

While Spain’s 10-0 destruction of Tahiti in the FIFA Confederations Cup dominated the headlines, there was a very interesting subplot between the two teams.

Tahiti midfielder Efrain Arenada is only a part-time player, like many of his teammates. When he’s not on the pitch, he works as a tour guide for the French Polynesian island. One of his guests in 2007? Fernando Torres.

Torres traveled to Tahiti for his honeymoon six years ago when he was still a member of Atletico Madrid. Arenada recalls the meeting between the two:

"Those days were wonderful. I used to greet people with a flower wreath when they arrived to the airport. I received Torres, took him to his hotel and took him back to the airport for his departure. In fact, I remember he left his honeymoon because he had to go sign for Liverpool."

While Arenada is in Brazil as the 24th man, only there as a substitute if someone on the 23-man Tahiti roster gets injured, he was still able to see Torres unleash a four goal assault on his overmatched country, but he understands the difference between the teams.

"We are aware that there’s a huge difference between our team against the others. Our message is that we are here to enjoy our time and have respect for the others. I mean, we are not here to kick or injure other players."

(H/T Marca)


Tahiti official Twitter account goes berserk over lone goal vs Nigeria


Nearly everyone expected massive underdog Tahiti to get crushed by every opponent they faced in the Confederations Cup, and that’s precisely what’s happened so far after their 6-1 defeat at the hands of Nigeria.

While they may not have the most talent in the tournament, you can argue that Tahiti has more pride than any other team. They have considered it a blessing to be in the tournament at all and are enjoying every minute of it.

Despite being blown out, the official Tahiti football Twitter showed just how much pride they have:

Alright, maybe that last tweet was a little overambitious, but credit Tahiti fans and supporters for getting behind the team no matter what.


Balotelli scores game winning goal, dedicates it to rapper Drake


There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Mario Balotelli making headlines.

In the past two months alone, the Italian striker offered his girlfriend to Real Madrid players if they could come back from a 4-1 deficit against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League semifinals, he took his $300,000 Ferrari onto a go kart track after he was banned from go karting, and he got himself into a Twitter battle with Usain Bolt.

Late in Italy’s Confederations Cup match vs. Mexico, Balotelli broke the 1-1 draw with a 78th minute game winning goal. After the match, he dedicated the goal to his favorite rapping superstar:

Drake was kind enough to retweet the dedication. Whether or not Drake reacted to Balotelli’s goal like Italy’s famous broadcaster Tiziano Crudeli remains a mystery: