Colombia receives heroes’ welcome in Bogota after World Cup campaign

The Colombian national team captured the imagination of many a fan during the 2014 World Cup, but we doubt even they expected this grand of a reception upon their return to Bogota.

The streets of the capital were a sea — no, an ocean! — of yellow, blue and red. The star of the team, James Rodriguez, remains the tournament’s current top goalscorer with six goals, and was arguably the top performer overall. It was also James who couldn’t resist getting in on the latest craze.

Why not take a selfie after all, when there are over 100,000 people screaming your name behind you?

Could you imagine if the Cafeteros actually won the thing?!

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Heartbreaking! Cute little girl cries over hearing of Neymar’s injury

Be honest, when you heard that Brazil’s talisman and face of the 2014 World Cup 2014, was injured and would no longer be able to play in the tournament, did you shed a tear?

If so, you’re not alone.

We doubt you’re as cute and adorable as little Brazil fan Ana Bella, however. After Ana’s mother informed her of Neymar’s devastating injury and abrupt end to his tournament, little Ana’s eyes begin to tear up. Asking “Cadê ele?” (“where is he?”), she can no longer hold back the tears. Before you know it, she’s in floods.

We feel your pain, Ana. We all do.

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Neymar addresses his legion of fans after World Cup heartache

In Brazil’s potentially World Cup 2014 defining moment vs. Colombia on Friday, Neymar fractured his vertebra that essentially ended his glittering tournament.

As their top goalscorer and standout performer, the 22-year-old Barca star was Brazil’s engine who are hoping to finally win a World Cup on their home soil.

Neymar will do his best to lead them through, though. In an incredibly emotional video, Neymar addressed his millions of fans, promising them that his World Cup dream is not over, just postponed.

"Brazilian people, players, coaches and fans, this is a very tough moment. It’s hard to express my thoughts in words.

"I want to tell you that I’ll be back on the field as soon as possible. I would like to thank you for your support and affection expressed through the messages that have been sent to me.

"My dream is not over yet, it was interrupted due to a move but it is still alive. I am sure my team mates will make sure I can achieve my dream which is to be champion.

"Another dream of mine was to play on a World Cup Final but I won’t be able to do it now – although I’m sure that my team mates will win and be champions along with me and we Brazilian people will be celebrating this achievement.

"Thank you all, hugs."

A touching sentiment, and one that could well inspire Brazil to go on and reclaim the biggest trophy in international football as a result.

Best of luck on your return, big guy.


World Cup Diary: Nation’s hope, apprehension continues for another day



The scene at the Delirio Carioca Bar, tucked away on a side road behind the Copacabana Beach, was replicated all over Rio de Janeiro. Friends and neighbors gathered round televisions on street corners or in what they call “pe sumo bars” — it literally means dirty foot bar in a nod to being homely and unpretentious — out in the open air as they summoned all the goodwill they could muster in the name of the Selecao. It wasn’t a cross-section of life. It was all life; From babies to grandparents and everyone in between, decked out in yellow and green and drenched with a heady combination of hope and apprehension.

Buses by the side of the road were parked up, bumper to bumper, stalled for the duration of the game as drivers got out to join in this vital communal moment. There was nobody to take anywhere anyway. Everyone stopped. Friday in Rio was an official World Cup day. A national holiday is declared either when Brazil play a home game, or when there is a World Cup match on at the Maracana. So this was a double reason for the city to give itself in completely to this tournament.

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National holiday declared in Colombia for World Cup match against Brazil


Colombians will be celebrating the 4th of July this year … but not for the same reasons the Americans will be.

The president of Colombia has declared Friday afternoon a public holiday so the nation can watch its soccer team take on Brazil in the World Cup quarterfinals.

President Juan Manuel Santos announced the half-day holiday.

“I want to announce all public officials that we have decreed a half holiday on Friday, so everyone can watch the match,” said President Santos. “The civic day starts at 1 pm. and I tell you already you need to celebrate calmly and in peace.”

The warning about staying calm comes after several people were reportedly killed and many others injured after riotous celebrating followed Colombia’s win in the Round of 16 against Uruguay.

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World Cup Day 16: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Round of 16 opened play on Saturday, and what a thrilling start to the knockout stage it proved to be.

First, the entire host nation was on pins and needles as Brazil squeaked by a dangerous Chile side on penalties:

Two hours later, a new King James was crowned as Colombia’s James (Ha-Mes) Rodriguez lifted his side to its first-ever World Cup quarterfinal appearance:

What else made waves on social media as we embarked on the business end of the World Cup? Find out in our latest edition of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:”



Brazil surviving on penalties assured us that the World Cup would indeed be able to continue on past the Round of 16, which is good (Seriously, could you imagine if the Selecao crashed out this early? Mayhem).

Even better, Julio Cesar emerged as the unlikely hero. Yes, the Julio Cesar of Toronto FC, who was discarded by Queens Park Rangers. Oh, the beauty of the World Cup!

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Carlos Valderrama says World Cup players should have sex to relax

The life of international soccer players can be stressful. Thousands — if not millions — of people literally watching your every move can add a lot of pressure. But come World Cup time, that stress is multiplied exponentially.

What is a player to do to try and relax during such a demanding time? According to Colombian legend Carlos Valderrama, sex is the answer.

imageHow can you ignore advice from a man with hair like that? (Image: Getty)

In an interview with El Tiempo, Valderrama claimed that Colombia would’ve performed better in the World Cup if they’d been having sex during the tournament.

"If we had sex, sex at the World Cup, we would have been better. We would have relaxed after games, especially after losses. That’s total relaxation.”

So what does this mean for Mexico? Manager Miguel Herrera has banned the team from having any sex during the World Cup. If El Pibe is right, El Tri will be in trouble this summer.

And if anyone would know, it’s Valderrama. The man played in three World Cups.

"You should not be doing ‘the Tequendama Falls’ or ‘roller coaster’ or any weird pose," Valderrama said. "It should be quiet, coolly, without inventing crazy poses. It never affected me."

So, moral of the story: World Cup players should have sex to relax, but keep it simple. Whatever you say, El Pibe.

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