Colombian kid bursts into tears upon meeting idol Radamel Falcao

Warning, you might want to get your Kleenex handy before watching. This video will surely make your heart melt.

Adding reason No. 1,234 why we love Radamel Falcao to the list.

Falcao, who tore his anterior crucial ligament back in January, is currently in Madrid rehabbing his left knee and remains hopeful of returning for Colombia before this summer’s World Cup. Yet, Falcao’s hectic schedule didn’t stop him from helping make a young fan’s dream come true.

Thanks to the Revel Foundation, Michael Steven, a 13-year-old aspiring footballer from Bogota, Colombia, met with the Colombian superstar in an emotional meeting that made the Monaco ace himself come to tears.

Michael, who admits to having over 130 photos and newspaper clippings of Falcao in his bedroom wall, cried uncontrollably upon setting eyes on “El Tigre” and refused to let go of his soccer idol with his mighty grip. Emotions run deep later in the clip when Michael touches Falcao’s knees (2:32), wishing for the striker’s speedy recovery to help Colombia’s World Cup hopes.

Pause. Reach. Grab. Tissue.

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Falcao injures knee, could spell doom for Monaco and Colombia hopes

Radamel Falcao was stretchered off with a nasty knee injury during Monaco’s Coupe de France clash on Wednesday, spelling potential doom to both Monaco’s Ligue 1 and Colombia’s World Cup hopes. Falcao picked up the injury shortly after scoring the opening goal against Monts Or Azergues.

Whether Falcao will miss the rest of the season and the summer spectacle remains to be seen, but initial reports are not encouraging. Monaco released a short statement in regards to Falcao, saying the striker was hit in the left knee and that the club “must await further tests in the coming days to clarify the exact nature of the injury.”

Perhaps a better question is why Falcao was starting against a fourth-tier outfit, which was easily beaten 3-0, in the first place. It may just cost Monaco their run at a first Ligue 1 title since 2000, and Colombia — a dark horse candidate for the World Cup — their best player in Brazil.


Colombian club plays in counterfeit kits after forgetting away shirts


Santa Fe played the first half in their training kits (Image: Independientesantafe.co)

Colombian team Independiente Santa Fe were forced to buy and play in counterfeit versions of their club kit after forgetting to pack their away jerseys.

After hosts Boyaca Chico refused to change their kits to resolve a color clash, the Bogota side Santa Fe were forced to improvise. They chose to play the first half in grey training tops with squad numbers taped to the back of the jerseys (yes, kind of like your travel league team in middle school), but a better solution was needed for the second half. Several players had sweated the taped numbers off.

That’s when a staff member came to the rescue with a full set of $6.50 counterfeit shirts bought at a nearby street vendor. Names and numbers were scribbled on the backs of the kits with a red marker, and Santa Fe were good to go. Just look at the craftsmanship:

imageImage courtesy of Goal.com

The best part? Santa Fe ended up winning the match 2-0, punishing Boyaca for their unwillingness to help out. Now that’s karma.


Colombia fans implore Pelé to not pick them as favorites

Brazilian soccer legend Pelé is as iconic as it gets in the global game. Widely considered as the best soccer player ever, it would stand to reason that his blessing of a team ahead of a World Cup would be welcomed.

Evidently, it isn’t.

Colombian fans have taken up a grassroots effort to dissuade Pelé from naming Los Cafeteros as favorites heading into the 2014 World Cup. The hashtag of choice? #PeléFavoritosNo


As noted in the video, the last time Pelé picked Colombia to succeed in the World Cup, 1994, the team failed to emerge from the group stage and crashed out unceremoniously from the competition:

Upon reviewing “O Rei’s” track record, it makes sense why the video refers to him as the “Anti-Nostradamus.” On separate occasions, Pelé picked Germany, Spain and Brazil to have varying degrees of success, and he whiffed on them all.

So what happens if the Colombians falter in Brazil? Well, it looks like they won’t have Pelé to blame.


(Image: Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic)

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Age fraud? Monaco striker Radamel Falcao allegedly older than believed


Trouble in paradise?

Radamel Falcao was introduced at Monaco just three weeks ago, welcomed by a juicy contract and everything wonderful the French Riviera offers after completing a €60m move from Atletico Madrid. But before Monaco even begins their Ligue 1 campaign, their newly-prized asset is already at the center of a damning storm.

A recently published Colombian report questions whether or not “El Tigre” is truly 27 years old as documented by FIFA records, and not two years older as an old civil registration form would suggest.

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Colombian jerseys confiscated, fans turned away at World Cup qualifier in Argentina

Colombian fans are outraged at the unusually harsh security measures that were enforced at Friday’s World Cup qualifier in Argentina. Hundreds of Colombian national team jerseys were confiscated, and some people even denied entry into the stadium as police attempted to keep hostility between the two fan bases to a minimum.

The video is in Spanish, but it’s quite clear what’s going on. At the 3 minute mark, police turn away one lady whose jersey is hidden under a couple ofm jackets.

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And we follow Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s fantastic goal with this ugly penalty kick miss.

Brazilian ace Neymar does his best Roberto Baggio impersonation as skies his opportunity to Manhattan, literally speaking of course.

We gotta ask, is this the worst penalty kick ever?