Chinese fan reportedly dies from sleep deprivation from watching the World Cup

Sleep deprivation is no laughing matter and one Chinese soccer fan has reportedly paid the ultimate price.

A 25-year-old man from Suzhou, near Shanghai, was found in front of his TV hours after the Netherlands beat Spain 5-1 in their first round game on Friday, which finished at around 5 am Chinese time.

According to the Xinhua news agency, doctors said the death was related to an excessive lack of sleep, but couldn’t be sure whether it was sheer exhaustion or a possible heart attack.

This unfortunate incident is not the first time a Chinese fan has died. A 26-year-old man reportedly passed away in 2012 after staying up every night to watch the Euros.

Unfortunately, those fans must have missed out on the counterfeit sick notes.

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Want to skip work in China during the World Cup? Buy a sick note

Chinese workers can fork over up to 300 yuan ($50) to buy official-looking sick notes so they can stay home to watch the World Cup.

According to some black-market investigating from The Telegraph, an underground network of counterfeiters are selling fake sick notes for soccer-mad fans looking to skip work and watch the games.

Website Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay, is doing a booming business in fake excuses. However, the prices and effectiveness of the notes vary widely.  

The Telegraph managed to purchase one of the fancier notes. It appears to come from one of Shanghai’s best hospitals and reads: ”Diagnosis: upper respiratory tract infection. Suggestion: one day of sick leave.” It also includes several official-looking stamps.


(Image: Taobao/The Telegraph)

There are no guarantees that the notes will work, though. One unlucky customer posted on Taobao: “A fake. My company discovered and now I’ve been sacked.”

Many Chinese fans may wind up needing real doctors’ notes for sleep deprivation, as most of the World Cup games kick off between midnight and 6 a.m. local time.

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Teams threaten to boycott league if player doesn’t take gender test

Park Eun-Seon was the South Korean women’s soccer league’s top scorer last season with 19 goals in 22 games for Seoul City. Now, her rival teams’ coaches have threatened to boycott the new season if Park does not have a gender test. 

Unfortunately for the pack of sore losers, the Korea Football Association responded that Park passed a gender test when she was 15 and that there is no need for another test. Park, 26, played for South Korea in the 2003 Women’s World Cup and the 2004 Olympics.

Park’s gender was called into question once before, prior to the AFA Women’s Asian Cup tournament in 2010. South Korea did not select Park to the squad.

From Sky Sports:

"We have no intention of accepting the gender verification test just to stop the boycott," said Seoul Sports Council general secretary Kim Joon-Soo.

"But if it is needed for Park to compete in an international game and under specific regulations of FIFA, we will consider it. This is a serious violation of human rights that she’s suffering for a second time," said Kim.

"The question regarding Park’s gender identity shall never be raised again. The city of Seoul will take all necessary measures to protect our player’s human rights."


Park Eun-Seon’s gender has come into question once again (Image: Haberist)

The boycott threat was issued by six of the seven WK-League teams, but on Thursday one of the coaches said he was resigning from the request. That coach reportedly insisted that their motives had been misunderstood and that they had simply been joking.

Terrible joke, we reckon.

On her Facebook page Park said she felt “humiliated” by again facing questions about her gender. “I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and I will not give up easily. I know what these people are trying to do, and I won’t fall down,” she added.


Player drags ‘injured’ opponent off field, gets sent off immediately

After all of the time that has been wasted due to players milking injuries that may or may not be real, one player decided to take matters into his own hands.

In the 89th minute of a Chinese Super League match between Changchun Yatai and Shanghai Shenhua, Yatai was clinging to a 1-0 lead. After light contact, Yatai’s Matt McKay made it appear that he had suffered a rather serious injury.

In an effort to speed up the process, Shenhua’s Wang Shouting decided to physically drag his opponent off of the field. Both the opposition and the referee were not amused: Shouting was shown a red card and was sent off from the match.

After losing both Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba, falling into a financial crisis, and being charged with a six-point deduction for their part in a match-fixing scandal, Shanghai Shenhua may have hit a new low.


Seven injured in stampede as Chinese rush to see David Beckham

When you’re David Beckham, you’re used to getting the Justin Bieber treatment. Still, this is a bit surreal.

In Becks’ latest visit to China as Football Ambassador, an appearance at the Shanghai Tongji University turned into a bloody mess, quite literally. Hundreds of people swarmed to get a glimpse of the retired superstar as he exited his car and made his way onto the pitch, causing a stampede that resulted in seven injuries. Several security guards were trampled and had to be hospitalized, visibly bloodied. Fortunately for our soccer hero, Beckham wasn’t harmed.





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David Beckham cheats against little kids in China

David Beckham is “beck” in China to resume his role as Global Football Ambassador, and as was the case last time, another great video has hit the web from his visits. Beckham’s age got exposed in a little pick-up scrimmage, so Becks had to resort to a little gamesmanship.

That video’s cute, but who can forget this classic from Beckham’s last trip to the Far East?


Adrian Mutu wants to adopt Chinese baby found in sewage pipe?


Former Chelsea ace Adrian Mutu has always lived life in the fast lane. Apparently, the road has now taken the Romanian striker to a new calling.

In an interview with Romanian channel ProTV, Mutu  reportedly expressed his interest to adopt the baby rescued from a Chinese sewage pipe earlier this week. Mutu, a father of three, told the channel:

"I couldn’t figure out how to carry on living, how to eat my breakfast when I saw this story on TV. He’s a special child. When I saw the baby, I said, ‘I must adopt him, he has been sent to me by God.’

"Just look at this poor little fellow. He made such a strong impression on me. I told my wife we have to help him, we have to do everything we can.

"I never thought I would adopt a baby, I had no plan concerning that, but I just know: I have to help this one."

The 5-pound newborn boy, known only as “Baby 59” by the number of his hospital incubator, was miraculously found wedged in a pipe under a shared bathroom in Jinhua, China.

Mutu, who was released from the Premier League club in 2004 after testing positive for cocaine, said he discussed his plan with his wife, Consuelo, and will seek out adoption avenues. Currently, Romania is not on the list of 17 countries whose citizens can adopt from China.


Beckham begins Football Ambassador role in China

Nǐ hǎo, Becks!

David Beckham arrived in Beijing today to begin his role as China’s first global football ambassador!  On his first four-day visit, Beckham received a big reception by fans and media, as you would come to expect.

While still playing for Paris Saint-Germain, for free because he donated his salary to charity, Beckham will attend league matches in China and visit schools to promote the game at grassroots level. And on this trip, he even played a little pick-up, still in his suit.

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Everyone knows about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s mean streak on and off pitch. In fact, the dude received a black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 17.

Here’s Zlatan’s latest act. WWE scouts, take notice.