Class act: Spanish 3rd division team dresses to the nines for charity match

Cultural Leonesa, a Spanish 3rd division team, turned some heads when they unveiled their dapper new kits: tuxedo shirts.

But now, we’ve finally gotten a chance to see the high-class gear in action and it is every bit the fashion statement we were hoping for.

Check out some video highlights of the penguin suits in action, especially the goalie’s stylish and sharp white tux.

The team wore the uniform as part of a charity match to benefit the local mining industry and celebrate the club’s 90th year.

Although, someone must have forgotten to tell the competition that it was a black tie affair.

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Norwegian football club gets big boost from super fan’s estate


(Image via @FLFart)

A Norwegian football club just got a big boost to their bank account thanks to a local fan.

Erling Andreassen, who passed away at the age of 91 in July, left nearly all his estate to his local club in Vang, Norway: FL Fart.

(Okay, yes, funny name, have a laugh — can we move on now?)

The estate totals nearly four million Norwegian Krone ($636,000) and will go into the coffers of FL Fart. The club is best known for their successful women’s team, which is playing in Norway’s top tier women’s league.

The team issued a statement on the “magnificent” gift, saying the board hasn’t decided how the funds will be allocated, but it will be brought up at their annual meeting to figure out how to best use them. For a club of such a small size, this donation will go a long way.

And since you’re still chuckling about the club name, “Fart” translates as “speed” in Norwegian.

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Mesut Ozil promises to pay for 23 childrens’ surgeries following World Cup win


(Image: Getty)

German international Mesut Ozil won the World Cup just last week, but now he’s making inroads into winning our hearts.

Ozil initially pledged to pony up for 11 surgeries for children in Brazil prior to the World Cup, as part of the BigShoe campaign:

A generous gesture by itself, now Ozil’s pledge has more than doubled in size since winning the coveted World Cup. Instead of sponsoring 11 surgeries, the Arsenal standout will pay for operations for 23 kids — the same number of players in the German squad. Ozil explained the contribution Facebook:

dear fans,
prior to the #WorldCup I supported the surgery of eleven sick children. since the victory of the #WorldCup is not only due to eleven players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23. this is my personal thank-you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil. #Bigshoe #Brasil2014

The World Cup truly does seem to bring out the best in people, and certainly did in Mesut Ozil’s case … a class player and a class person.

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You can now buy the gems made out of Pele’s hair

Back in April, it was revealed that Pele was working with Diamantes Brilho Infinito to create a statue to commemorate memorable goals and moments in his career.

The gems were created with carbon from Pele’s hair. No, don’t ask us how or why. Just go with it.

Now, the diamonds are available for purchase online. And don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.


The whole thing is entirely bizarre, but Pele also announced on Twitter on Thursday that the proceeds from the diamonds are going to charity, so at least there’s that.

You keep doing you, Pele.


Watch: Young teen spreads joy of football with charity


Our friends at The Original Winger have known about Ethan King for years, and it’s high time you do, too.

Ethan is a 14-year-old who made waves when he started his own charity four years ago. That’s right, he was just 10 at the time. Ten years old. 

"Charity Ball" sets out to deliver high-quality soccer balls to impoverished children. In four years, Ethan has helped hand-deliver over 4,000 soccer balls to kids who couldn’t afford them all over the world.

Now, a delightful mini documentary by DressCode captures Ethan’s efforts to make other childrens’ lives a little more joyful. The doc follows around Ethan as he makes his latest trip to Mozambique, in tow with Borussia Dortmund defender and philanthropist Neven Subotić.

We won’t do it any justice talking about it, you should just watch it, and share:

Pass The Ball from dress code on Vimeo.


Everton fan gets “You’ll Never Walk Alone” tattoo for charity


Image via Team George (Facebook)

There are few local derbies as passionate as the one on Merseyside between Liverpool and Everton. The two clubs’ stadiums are just one short mile apart, and the players have a distinct distaste for one another. No fixture between the two has yielded more red cards since the inception of the Premier League than this one.

But as this story reminds us, the intense passion of the Merseyside derby can be used to do really, really amazing things.


Image via Team George (Facebook)

This is 4-year-old George Johnson. He suffers from a very rare motility condition, which means that he can’t eat, drink or swallow, and is currently fed directly through his heart. His family needs to bring him to the USA to seek further treatment, but couldn’t afford the trip. So they’ve been fundraising.

But they needed some help. That’s where diehard Everton fan Matty Bowman stepped in. He pledged to have “You’ll Never Walk Alone” tattooed on his back to help raise awareness about George’s story.

It worked.

Team George has now surpassed their goal of £15,000, and the number grows every minute. For Bowman, it’s a small price to pay in order to see that George gets the treatment he needs.

"If I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t have done, but I did it for a reason — it was for George, I’ve got a boy the same age," Bowman told the Liverpool Echo.

Bowman may be a lifelong Everton fan, but we’re pretty sure he’s got his own diehard fans in George and his family, too.



Huddlefro raises more than $70,000 for cancer research


This is what two and a half years of hair growth looks like.

Hull City’s Tom Huddlestone got his first hair cut since April 2011 after he broke his scoring drought on Boxing Day against Fulham.

The infamous “Huddlefro” helped raise more than $70,000 for Cancer Research UK. Well done, Tom. We’re diggin’ the Huddlehawk.


Barcelona to Wear Kits Designed by Artist with Down syndrome


While much of the interest surrounding this Friday’s friendly match between Barcelona and Santos concerns Neymar’s potential debut with his new club, fans might be taken aback by a unique lettering on the back of Barcelona’s jerseys. 


Designed by Anna Vives, a local artist with Down syndrome, the striking font will only be used during this single match. The shirts will be auctioned after the match, with the proceeds going to the Itinerarium Foundation, the organization where Anna works. 


Speaking to Mundo Deportivo, Anna said of the club:

I am very grateful to the club and its foundation, who have helped me raise awareness about the typography and who have opened many doors. The font is not just mine, but the result of a team effort, which is why we so identify with Barcelona and its values.

Starting August 3rd, fans will be able to lodge their bids on both Anna’s site, where they can also purchase a variety of items featuring the font, as well as via eBay. Additionally, fans can learn more about the Itinerarium Foundation by visiting their official site.

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Soccer Fan Winds Up With Tattoo of Rival Club’s Emblem - For Charity


People often make extraordinary sacrifices for charities, but this one might take the cake.

After committing to a 100-mile bike ride to raise funds for a local charity, lifelong Ipswich Town fan Andrew Glover jokingly promised to get the emblem of Ipswich’s rival, Norwich City, tattooed on his arm if he raised more than £1,000.

A bit unexpectedly, commitments poured in and Andrew raised just over that number, bringing in £1,136 for his cause, the Norwich-based Hamlet Centre Trust.

A man of his word, Andrew honored his pledge, and despite an initial reluctance, had Norwich City’s recognizable ‘Canary’ inked onto his arm.

Despite the psychological setback, Andrew’s perspective remains practical, as he was quoted after the tattoo session as saying, “I’ll be wearing long sleeves now when I go to Portman Road. And I’m going to have to get an Ipswich tattoo.”

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