Champions League final highlights reenacted by Legos

Complete with pregame footage, replays, and commentary, this is a pretty solid reenactment of the 2013 Champions League final that saw Bayern Munich defeat Borussia Dortmund 2-1. They even nailed it with Arjen Robben’s “haircut.”

Take a look at the actual highlights, looks like the Legos are pretty spot on:

H/T The Guardian


Heineken offers Champions League final tickets to persuasive husbands

In this hilarious promotion from Heineken is an example of what happens when soccer gets in the way of shopping.

If any of these husbands can persuade their wives to buy two plastic chairs for $2,000, Heineken will give them two tickets to the UEFA Champions League final. The only catch: They aren’t allowed to mention the tickets. With skepticism aplenty, they try every trick in the book to get it done.

Watch the hilarious video and find out if any of them can pull off “The Negotiation.”


FC Zurich women challenge FC Barcelona men to friendly

The FC Zurich women are not messing around. The Swiss team has played 22 matches, winning all of them, scoring 125 goals while only allowing nine. Apparently they aren’t facing tough enough competition, so they are looking to take a crack at one of the top clubs in the world, FC Barcelona.

They’ve challenged Barca to a friendly match on the evening of May 25th, and given that it is the same day as the Champions League final, Barcelona’s calendar should be wide open. The ladies have gone so far as offering to play on Barcelona’s home turf.

The only question left for Barcelona: “Do you have the balls?”