World mistakes striker’s undershirt message as tribute to cartoon dog

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If you needed any more proof that we all watch too much TV, here it is.

Wolverhampton striker Leigh Griffiths scored in a League One match Tuesday, and simply wanted to dedicate the goal to a family member who had recently passed on.

He lifted his shirt to reveal the message, “R.I.P Brian.”

Have you figured it out yet?

As most people with internet access know, another, more widely-known Brian passed away recently — the dog from the hit FOX comedy show Family Guy. The show killed off its lovable, four-legged character in Sunday’s episode, causing such a massive uproar among fans that it has caught the attention of even occasional TV viewers. It even triggered an online petition on Change.com, which reads:

"The writers of family guy didn’t just kill off one of their creations, they killed off the dog who has lived in our homes for the last 15 years. They killed the dog we all have come to love. They killed America’s dog!"

Clearly, this has been a huge deal.

So on Tuesday, when Griffiths revealed his undershirt — OK, this is too weird. The guy’s name is almost Griffin — many thought they put two and two together and reported that the Wolves player had pulled off a cheeky tribute to Brian the cartoon character! Even Wolverhampton’s newspaper thought so (the tweet has since been deleted):

The rumor made its round to many social media outlets, before his club team eventually cleared up the misinterpretation:

It’s hard to say what Griffiths thought of the mix-up as his Twitter account is private, but we would like to think he’s happy. After all, his tribute has now been seen by quite a few more people than he thought!

And for those still mourning TV Brian, here’s a special tribute:

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