Is Vincent Tan the worst owner in sports history?

imageFashion and running a sports team are not two of Tan’s strong suits. (Photos courtesy of Action Images)

Cardiff City’s Vincent Tan has quickly become the most enigmatic and despised owner in all of sports, and he might only be getting started.

In just one week, the Malaysian billionaire sacked well-liked manager Malky Mackay, booed his own players off the field following Cardiff’s 2-2 draw with Sunderland, publicly toyed with the idea of renaming the club “Cardiff Dragons,” and now, to top it all off, reportedly asked the board to buy new players with the number “eight” in their birth-dates.

No word yet on if Tan was just trying to ruin Cardiff fans’ holidays.

His latest brilliant idea — sure to only instill more confidence that the club is heading in the right direction — stems from the fact that the number “8” is linked to good fortune in many Malaysian communities.

Sounds reasonable. Everyone knows that when it comes to buying in the transfer window, one simply needs good luck, not necessarily good football players. 

We probably should have seen this coming. A year ago, Tan changed the club’s crest and traditional blue home colors to red — an unthinkable act for fans of any team, let alone to those who still refer to their team as the ‘Bluebirds’ — mainly because he liked red, and figured it would help sell more of the team’s kits in Asia. (There is no data on how many Malaysians even know who Cardiff City are).

Don’t look now, but soon enough Tan may ask the Cardiff Dragons to play a portion of their home games in Kuala Lumpur, or that all players must ride their shorts up to their armpits. Anything is possible under Tan, the worst owner in sports.


imageCardiff fans are… not too pleased over their current ownership situation.


Did Cardiff owner Vincent Tan boo his club after draw vs. Sunderland?


Needless to say, Vincent Tan is not a popular figure in Cardiff, Wales at the moment.

Ever since the Malaysian self-made billionaire purchased a controlling share of the Welsh club in 2010, Tan has become a lighting-rod of controversy from the start; most-notably when he announced the club would be changing its club colors from blue to red, followed by his recent decision to relieve beloved manager Malky Mackay of his duties after a much-publicized ultimatum via email.

Fast forward to Saturday when Tan was caught by cameras appearing to boo his own players after Jack Colback scored a dramatic equalizer to help Sunderland draw Cardiff 2-2 in their Premier League clash. The Dragons’ owner gesture went viral on social media:

Tan’s latest act will surely not endear him to Cardiff CIty fans anytime soon. Earlier in the week, a group of 200 Cardiff supporters gathered outside Cardiff City Stadium before the Boxing Day 3-0 defeat against Southampton to protest against Tan.



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Craig Bellamy pours water all over referee

During Sunday’s famous victory over Manchester City, Cardiff City striker Craig Bellamy played a practical joke on referee Lee Probert, pouring water all over the man in black. Now, normally you would never see this kind of thing. It’s common knowledge that referees are the most humorless lot in the world, and any slight physical contact with them almost never goes unpunished.

However, Bellamy probably knew who he was dealing with. After all, this is the same man who proved that referees can, in fact, have a playful side. Last season, after inadvertently finding himself sandwiched between Fulham’s Steve Sidwell and Wigan’s Ben Watson, Probert jestingly showed Watson a red card while getting attended to on the pitch:

Фаулираха съдията на мача Уигън - Фулъм by FootballKing2192


Cardiff City net first ever Premier League win

Cardiff waited over fifty years to see the return of top-flight football, and lost out on Premier League promotion three consecutive years before making the jump last season. On Sunday all that patience finally paid off as Cardiff notched its first ever BPL win, and it just so happened that it came against one of the favorites for the Premier League title: Manchester City.

After Edin Dzeko scored a wonderful strike to hand City the lead at the start of the second half, the newly-promoted Welsh side scored three unanswered goals, two by Fraizer Campbell - to secure the famous victory.

Afterwards, the home fans celebrated the win the only way they knew how, by singing along extra loud to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. The song is an homage to the club’s alias as the Bluebirds, despite new club owner Vincent Tan controversially changing the team’s colors  from blue to red and adding a giant red dragon to the team’s crest last summer.

If you’ve not seen it before, this is what the Cardiff tradition sounds like (here after the team’s promotion last season):


Premier League, Surviving on Top: Part two


In part two of our examination of the history and impact of relegation from the Premier League, we take a look at the statistical odds and financial impact for each club.

There is still hope for recently-relegated Wigan, Reading, and QPR. Clubs that are relegated to the Championship have a 60% chance of returning to the Premier League the following season — though none that were relegated last year made their way back.

For clubs that are promoted to the Premier League, there is an 82% chance that they will be relegated the following year, evidenced by Reading this year. Newly promoted Cardiff City hopes to channel the momentum to make sure that doesn’t happen next year:

The financial implications of relegation cannot be overstated. Next season, Premier League clubs will receive 30 times more yearly revenue from TV rights than teams in the Championship. Just one year of relegation can cripple a team’s finances.


Tomorrow, we look at the relegation hardships that teams endure, as well as the compensation received to help soften the financial blow. All of this is leading up to FOX Soccer’s coverage of the final Premier League matchday with nine games live on broadcast across the FOX family of networks.



Cardiff fans celebrate first Premier League promotion


Image via @DeanGard86

Cardiff City fans are just a little bit excited about their club’s first promotion to the Premier League.

Alright, maybe more than a little. After securing a spot in England’s top division next season, the fans rushed the pitch, creating this wild and crazy scene.

The Welsh club’s won promotion came exactly 53 years to the day since they last won promotion to soccer’s top tier, but a first since the Premier League came into being.

Party in Cardiff tonight!