Neymar gets “Blessed” tattoo to celebrate joining Barcelona

Images via @barcastuff

To celebrate his move from Santos to Barcelona, Neymar decided to get a tattoo to let everyone know just how he feels. Before Brazil’s international friendly vs. England, the 21-year old had the word “blessed” tattooed below his neck.

Let’s hope the stay at the Nou Camp goes well to avoid any nasty ink removal procedures.


We love this little snippet from outside Camp Nou. These supporters were waiting for ages in the hope of getting a glimpse of their new hero Neymar, but found the next best thing instread - a lookalike! The youngster was given a special reception by the fans. May we suggest a different haircut in future? 


Neymar unveiled at the Nou Camp, shows off juggling skills

Neymar has finally made the official move to Barcelona, signing a five-year contract with the La Liga powerhouse. On Monday, he was introduced at a press conference and also was brought out onto the pitch for the first time.

Tens of thousands of fans waited for over an hour just to get a glimpse of their new Brazilian striker, and how did the young striker respond? By juggling a ball, of course.

It’s as if the team wants fans to think that by proving that he can keep the ball up in the air for 45 seconds straight, they can rest assured that the rumored 30 million euro transfer fee was money well spent.

Juggling skills aside, Neymar couldn’t hold back his excitement:

"I am very happy, very moved to be a Barcelona player and fulfill my dream. I want to help the team. I have come to add my part so that Lionel Messi continues to be the best player in the world."

Time will tell how the two stars will co-exist, but one thing is for sure, excitement and optimism are running high in Barcelona.


FC Zurich women challenge FC Barcelona men to friendly

The FC Zurich women are not messing around. The Swiss team has played 22 matches, winning all of them, scoring 125 goals while only allowing nine. Apparently they aren’t facing tough enough competition, so they are looking to take a crack at one of the top clubs in the world, FC Barcelona.

They’ve challenged Barca to a friendly match on the evening of May 25th, and given that it is the same day as the Champions League final, Barcelona’s calendar should be wide open. The ladies have gone so far as offering to play on Barcelona’s home turf.

The only question left for Barcelona: “Do you have the balls?”