Tiziano Crudeli goes Tiziano Crudeli after Balotelli, Taarabt score for AC Milan

No one will ever confuse Italian TV commentator Tiziano Crudeli as a straight shooter. And frankly, we don’t care.

Crudeli, an avid AC Milan supporter, lost his marbles on live television after Mario Balotelli and Adel Taarabt helped the Rossoneri capture their fifth straight win by defeating Livorno 3-0 on Saturday. Take a listen:

Despite the result, Milan face an uphill climb after a subpar start to their Serie A campaign. The Italian giants remain five points behind city rivals Inter Milan in Serie A to secure a Europa League spot.

Just don’t tell Crudelli.


Pajama party! Pepe Reina takes Balotelli’s shirt to bed

Image courtesy of Reuters

Disturbing news has reached the eyes and ears of the FOX Soccer news room. Wait for it….Pepe Reina is sleeping in Mario Balotelli’s AC Milan jersey.

We have yet to discover whether the article of clothing has been washed (we hope so) but the story has been confirmed by the Liverpool goalkeeper himself. Reina became the first keeper to save a Balotelli spot-kick during Napoli’s 2-1 win at the San Siro last month and then plucked up the courage to ask the Italy striker for his jersey after the game.

Reina said: “After saving Mario’s penalty I couldn’t not ask for his shirt. It was a historic event. He gave me it and I’ve brought it home to create an unusual pair of pajamas. I sleep with his shirt and Napoli shorts.” 

What does Reina’s wife Yolanda Ruiz make of it all? We have yet to find out, but would this sort of thing constitute grounds for divorce? We think so.


Roma remain perfect in Serie A after San Siro win


Image courtesy of Getty

At first, it seemed that Roma’s perfect start to the season was an anomaly. Surely it would not last. Well here we are, seven games in and they have seven wins, 21 points and sit atop Serie A.

What has been the key to their success? It’s 37-year-old Francesco Totti.

The striker has scored three goals and notched six assists this season, proving that even in his later footballing years, he’s a huge asset to the club. His offensive firepower was especially key on Saturday in Roma’s 3-0 win over Inter, showing the world that they are the real deal and Totti definitely still has it.


Juventus enact rule forcing substituted players to remain on bench

Sometimes team spirit isn’t organic. Sometimes it needs to be manufactured.

Maybe a team watches a movie together to foster chemistry. Or maybe the coach comes up with a rule where substituted players must remain on the bench and watch the game with his teammates, or else face harsh punishment.

Say what? That’s exactly what Juventus coach Antonio Conte has done. Players that are taken off in-game will be required to watch the rest of the game from the bench, or else face a fine and a month-long ban.

Harsh, indeed! Conte, clearly upset after Pirlo opted to march down the tunnel after being subbed off against Verona, had this to say about the situation:

“Before it, there had never been the need to have a rule, but from now on there is a rule and it is valid for all players.” The only exception? Players that that are on a stretcher and have to see the doctor.

So much for catching and early shower and beating traffic.

(h/t Football-Italia)