CR7’s new boots commemorate his 2012 season


Athletes putting numbers or certain statements on their footwear is nothing new. Just watch any NBA game. Most of the time, though, they are meant to be in dedication of somebody or something else.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new boots, meanwhile, are clearly dedicated to himself. The limited edition Nike CR Mercurial IXs contain a series of seven numbers, each pertaining to a statistic of his from the 2012 season.The meaning of them is outlined below:

1st Spanish league title
9 goals scored for Portugal
14 games played for the national team
19 first player to score against all 19 rival teams competing in La Liga in a season
27 years old in 2012
55 matches played in all competitions for club
60 goals scored in all competitions for club

Ronaldo will sport these bad boys in his next La Liga match against Real Sociedad on Sunday, just a day before the Ballon D’Or award ceremony. However, the self-promoting shoes are not expected to cause a sway in the voting. 


Images via The Beautiful Gear